IT Support in Los Angeles: How to Keep Your Operational Technology Network Secure

IT Support in Los Angeles: How to Keep Your Operational Technology Network Secure

As a business, your operational technology (OT) network allows you to carry out your keep processes and functions in the business. There are lots of existing and emerging cyber threats that you need to be aware of to avoid a cyber-attack that could be detrimental to your business. You need your network running at all times because too much downtime and disruption to your OT means that you’re losing valuable time and even money. With IT support in Los Angeles, you can protect your systems and networks to avoid such a situation.

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How to Improve Your Cybersecurity

There are many different ways to safeguard your IT and OT networks. It should be one of your business priorities. If you are a smaller company or have a limited IT team, it makes sense to use IT outsourcing in Los Angeles. Even if you are a larger company with an adequately staffed IT department, you can also call upon these experts to provide supplemental IT support in Los Angeles.

Here are four different factors and measures you should incorporate into your cybersecurity strategy:

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  1. Make use of industrial firewalls that have ICS/SCADA protocols to protect your OT network and keep out numerous threats.
  2. Be aware of internal threats to your cybersecurity. Invest in risk assessment and proactive monitoring so that you are at least somewhat prepared for what may come. Maintaining visibility is very important on your OT network. You need to maintain situational awareness and keep track of all activity on your network in a non-intrusive manner.
  3. While you are monitoring your network carefully, you need to have a baseline of what constitutes an abnormality in the activity or traffic. This can be developed over time.
  4. Don’t rely on one solution to your cybersecurity. Invest in a well-rounded and multi-prolonged approach. Prepare yourself for all the different threats that could surface, but also invest in a response plan. Prioritize business continuity and aim to get more involvement from your employees in this kind of planning.

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The threats that exist in the industry may be generic or tailored to your line of business. You can rely on IT support in Los Angeles to provide the tools and programs to help you improve the security of your OT network. If you are looking for any related services or information, we at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can provide the assistance you need. Get in touch with us to learn more.