IT Support in Pasadena: Remote Work and Data Protection

IT Support in Pasadena: Remote Work and Data Protection

One of the changes that are being witnessed in today’s workforce is the increase in remote work. People and businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity to work on the go, while traveling, and from home. What are the benefits? Working remotely has been linked to increased productivity and job satisfaction. There are some increased risks that your business and your team must be aware as well. IT support in Pasadena can help you figure out what these are and how to safeguard against them. Away from the protective umbrella of the company office and network, there are cybersecurity concerns to consider.

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Increased Risks

Working from home or abroad may be great, but are you aware of the increased security risks? Just interacting with and being around people who are not affiliated with your company poses the risk of someone getting access to company information. Weak passwords may make you more susceptible to a cyberattack. Devices with important data are also at a greater risk of people stolen ‘out there’ away from the office.

Other security risks include fishy and unsecured public Wi-Fi networks and an increased exposure to viruses and malware from unknown networks and unsafe flask drives or other storage devices. Being away from the protective borders of the company also increased the risks of being scammed.

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What Can You Do?

Given the cybersecurity risks that come with working remotely, as outlined above, it becomes quite clear how you can protect the devices used for remote work together with company data. Employee education becomes a very important part of this process. IT support in Pasadena can provide this kind of training and more. Make sure that your team is aware of the risks and the protective measures to be taken.

Here are a few practical tips for remote workers which you can incorporate into a guide:

  • Don’t let unauthorized individuals use company devices or access company data.
  • Have an updated anti-virus software.
  • Choose a strong password.
  • Recognize different scam and phishing email tactics.
  • If in doubt, or if anything seems specific, ask for help.

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Remote work opportunities can be a great addition to your business. Make sure you have the tools and safeguards in place to avoid making this a ready inroad for a fresh onslaught of cyberattacks. If you need help constructing your remote work policy of implementing better cybersecurity measures, contact DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. We are ready to provide your company with IT support in Pasadena.