Overcome Common Backup Challenges with IT Support in Los Angeles

Overcome Common Backup Challenges with IT Support in Los Angeles

Common Difficulties

IT support in Los Angeles provides multiple solutions for clientele, one of the most important is backup and disaster recovery (BDR). Without solid BDR, when emergencies happen--and they will happen--your operation will lose money and information unnecessarily.

Losses can be substantial--downtime among enterprises is estimated at well over $100k per hour. You've got to protect against this as best as you can. Unfortunately, putting together a BDR paradigm has many common difficulties which businesses pursuing such solutions for the first time often stumble into. Working with a managed service provider (MSP) helps you avoid such issues. Following are several common pitfalls operating through such groups help you avoid:

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More Data Than Is Manageable

IT support in Los Angeles commonly provides solutions for businesses dealing with exceptionally large and complex data sets. Big Data makes it possible to process terabytes in real time. Cloud computing solutions network thousands--sometimes even over a million--servers together for the purposes of maximizing computational potentiality. Internal solutions can't bring that kind of digital "horsepower", as it were, to bear. MSPs can.

An Internal Budget That Is Stifled

Your internal tech ceiling will be defined by your budget. Unless your core of operations revolves around technology provision, there's no way your budget will match the available resources of an MSP. Also, you'll have to pay way more internally for a solution that's much less effective. Outsourced data security solutions bring newer and better resources to you for a predictable monthly cost.

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Expenses Related to Compliance

With healthcare institutions, HIPAA compliance has yielded shared liability, where MSPs serving clients will get fined in conjunction with their customers if HIPAA finds provided services to be out of compliance. Similar realities exist for non-healthcare institutions. Working with an MSP ensures the latest compliance shifts are covered in your data security and overall IT management.

Technology Changes That Are Incredibly Swift

Moore's Law stipulates technology takes forward leaps at eighteen-month intervals. That is to say: every 18 months, technological potentiality doubles. Again, unless the core prerogative of your business is technology facilitation, you're just not going to be as effective at matching that rapid pace as an MSP will be. Trying to get there will cost more than working with an outsourced technology solution from an MSP.

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Saving Resources and Seeing Better BDR Results

An IT support provider in Los Angeles like DCG Technical Solution, Inc. can help you effectively manage data, do more with a smaller budget, facilitate compliance protocols, and keep pace with rapidly shifting technology. Contact us for more information.