3 Signs That a Disaster Recovery Plan is Necessary and How an IT Service Provider in Los Angeles Can Help

3 Signs That a Disaster Recovery Plan is Necessary and How an IT Service Provider in Los Angeles Can Help

Disaster recovery is an essential form of protection against disasters, cyber attacks, and other threats to networks, computers, and operations as a whole. Failure to implement a disaster recovery plan can make your company just might go out of business following a data loss or another disruption. Here's a quick look at the three common signs that indicate a disaster recovery plan is necessary and how an IT service provider in Los Angeles can help:

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1. A Lack of Offsite Data Storage

The failure to establish offsite data storage really does have the potential to put you out of business. Your employees need access to important information regardless of whether there is a digital attack, a natural disaster, or another crisis. Consider a situation in which there is a natural disaster immediately following the acquisition of new clients. If your IT system is destroyed, you will not have the capacity to serve those new clients or your current clients. This is a recipe for disaster.

An IT support provider in Los Angeles can help you figure out the best way to store your data offsite as well as onsite so you can handle whatever crises unfold in the future.

2. One Location

A business that is limited to a single location is that much more likely to shut its doors following an unfortunate event. Consider a situation in which your IT system no longer functions. If you only have one location and it goes offline, you won't have any way to serve your clients.

Business owners and managers that plan ahead establish at least two locations, just in case something goes wrong at the main site. This way, if anything goes wrong, there will merely be a slight reduction in productivity.

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3. IT Resources are Used On-site

Deploying IT resources on-site at your small business is dangerous, especially for companies that are limited to one location. It is better to have hosted IT resources rather than relying on a single IT system that can be rendered useless following an unfortunate event. Those who use hosted services do not have to purchase new software or hardware, rather they can narrow their focus on obtaining replacement equipment for hardware damaged, stolen, or otherwise compromised.

An IT service provider in Los Angeles can help you reduce your dependency on your on-site resources and transition toward hosted services.

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If you need assistance with disaster recovery planning, cybersecurity, troubleshooting your network, hardware or other tech, an IT service provider in Los Angeles like DCG Technical Solutions is at your service. Contact us now for more information.