IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Necessary Steps to Secure VoIP

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Necessary Steps to Secure VoIP

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP systems provide phone service via the web with superior reliability and a bevy of features. Furthermore, VoIP costs less than traditional phone systems. Below, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles explains how to keep your VoIP system completely secure:

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VoIP Security Basics

The best VoIP service providers are willing to lend a helping hand in establishing a fully secure environment on the web. However, your VoIP provider will only provide so much assistance in terms of security and scaling. Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you ensure your VoIP phone system remains fully secure across posterity.

There are four main types of penetration and accessibility tests. Clustered firewalls heighten the system's protection and boost the network's stability. The router configuration is also essential for VoIP security. The router setup should be specifically configured for VoIP. If you do not have a business-class router meant for VoIP use, your system is not fully secure. Furthermore, the business class router should have a strong quality of services (QoS) feature.

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Finally, the router you select must also support session initiation protocols (SIP) to boot. The network and computer should be tested for vulnerabilities. Perform penetration testing, pinpoint the weak points, and make the appropriate changes. An array of programs are available to perform penetration testing. Examples include Open VAS and Nessus. The next step is to perform a load analysis. Make use of intrusion prevention systems to monitor the number of sessions and close connections that overtax the established threshold. An overload is a sign of the dreaded DDOS attack.

Use a VPN Connection

A VPN connection is a virtual private network. This type of connection decreases vulnerabilities if in-depth security measures are in place. The connection makes it easier to manage offices at multiple locations, connect those who work remotely in the most secure manner possible and provide encrypted connections. Do not fret about setting up a VPN connection, our Los Angeles managed IT services team can help.

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Perform a Traffic Analysis

An analysis of your VoIP system's traffic will help prevent and thwart intrusions. A call traffic packet inspection combined with regular audits really will go a long way in safeguarding your system. Such data is easily accessible in every type of VoIP system. Certain VoIP providers will provide this service to clients at no additional cost.

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