IT Support in Los Angeles: A Look at the Dark Web

IT Support in Los Angeles: A Look at the Dark Web

The dark web is the part of the web that can be browsed in anonymity through encryption technology. This segment of the internet was initially used by a few people, yet it is slowly growing into a bustling black market. Most people who have heard of the dark web are afraid to venture to this corner of the internet as they have heard it is laden with illegal activities and general debauchery. Indeed, the dark web has quickly become a hotbed for drug dealers, scam artists, and other malevolent individuals. Below, our IT support team in Los Angeles informs you about the dark web and how to keep your business secure:

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The Dark Web Today

The dark web was initially a small community of deviants looking to sell drugs, weapons, and other illegal items. Though those illicit transactions still take place on the dark web, the focus has partially shifted to the buying and selling of data. Stolen data ranging from banking and credit card information to usernames and passwords are now available on the dark web. If you are not careful, your company's data or even your personal data will end up on the dark web. To prevent that, it helps to partner with IT support experts in Los Angeles.

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Dark Web Data

All different types of information are available on the dark web. The scariest part is stolen personal data listed on the dark web is fairly inexpensive. Criminals head to the dark web to obtain credit card information, account logins, passports, birth certificates, and even driver's licenses. Account logins for bank accounts are sold with alarming regularity. Even login information for download sites, loyalty accounts, streaming services and ridesharing accounts are available on the dark web.

Do Not Let Your Guard Down

Though the authorities are feverishly working to catch those who buy and sell illegal information and items on the dark web, it appears to be a never-ending battle. Business owners and managers, as well as everyday people, should go to great lengths to protect their data. The sad truth is the dark web's fraud message boards have become highly efficient at transmitting stolen data, harming businesses and ruining lives. If your fraud prevention strategies are not regularly updated and truly comprehensive, the chances of your data ending up on the dark web are that much higher. Our IT outsourcing team in Los Angeles can help implement fraud prevention solutions to safeguard your data.

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