IT Support in Los Angeles Recommends Remote Monitoring and Management for SMBs

IT Support in Los Angeles Recommends Remote Monitoring and Management for SMBs

Looking for a cost-effective option for maintaining your IT infrastructure? Remote monitoring and management (RMM) may be the answer you're looking for. According to IT support experts in Los Angeles, RMM offers SMBs several benefits that should be seriously considered. Here are the top five:

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1. Keep Downtime to a Minimum

Did you know that businesses experience over 80 hours of downtime every year? Downtime affects employee productivity. You are losing two weeks of productivity for every employee impacted by downtime. Remote monitoring and management will minimize the amount of downtime you experience. Problems are identified early and are often solved before causing an impact.

2. Amp Up Security

Cyberattacks are a never-ending threat these days. Part of RMM services is security management. They constantly monitor for security threats, while applying necessary security patches to software in the infrastructure. Monitoring for security threats means you catch any breach early and prevent data loss.

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3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The cost of owning IT infrastructure is more than the cost of the hardware and software. Maintenance and support are part of the total cost of ownership. Calling for emergency support every time you have IT problem gets costly, very quickly.

With RMM, your system is constantly monitored. If a problem occurs, experienced technicians can diagnose the problem and implement fixes quickly. All of this comes with a consistent monthly subscription price. That's one of the best benefits of RMM for SMBs, according to IT support experts in Los Angeles.

4. Improve Maintenance

An IT system is like a car. It requires regular maintenance to perform at its best. This means applying patches, implementing security, and monitoring system health. Part of the service provided by an RMM is routine maintenance. It allows you to focus on getting your work done, access the data you need, and not worrying about your IT infrastructure's health and well-being.

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5. Enhance Productivity

Reduced downtime, a healthy IT infrastructure, and reliable security all play a part in enhancing the productivity of your team. Instead of twiddling their thumbs during an outage, they are getting things done.

With RMM, you and your team can focus on what matters. You aren't sitting there worrying about the next server breakdown or security breach. You have someone else doing all that.


These five benefits show why RMM is a good option for your company. If you want to learn more, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions today. We offer the high-quality IT support Los Angeles businesses deserve.