IT Support in Pasadena: The Importance of Backing Up Your Data

IT Support in Pasadena: The Importance of Backing Up Your Data

Do you know how important your corporate data is to your business? Can you take a pause and imagine just how inconvenienced your firm will be in the event that you lose your data? Well, if you have not come to appreciate the importance of your corporate data to your business, allow a professional IT support provider in Pasadena specialized in data backup school you on the importance of backing up your data:

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What is Data Backup?

Simply put, data backup is the process by which you get to create a copy of your corporate data and store it in a secured location. This backed up data will need to be updated periodically so that it mirrors the data that is present in your corporate network.

What are Data Backup Options?

There are three main data backup options. These include:

  • Backup in removable media
  • Backup in physical servers on or off your business premises
  • Backup to the cloud in cloud servers

Of the three options, we strongly encourage you to consider backing up your data to the cloud. Well, in our experience as a professional IT support provider in Pasadena, we have weighed the merits and demerits of the three backup options and found that backing up your data to the cloud is more secure, reliable, scalable and cost-effective.

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Reasons Why You Must Backup Your Data

  • Risks to your data are everywhere - Your mission-critical corporate data is exposed to many risks. Ranging from the marauding hackers who lurk around the internet looking for vulnerabilities to explore in business networks and steal sensitive business data to natural disasters which can hit at any time and leave your firm paralyzed, you cannot afford not to have a data backup. In the event you lose your data, you will be able to restore your network using the backup.
  • Downtime is very expensive - When your corporate network takes a hit either from a man-made incident or natural disaster, you cannot afford to stay offline longer than necessary. With a backup, you will be able to restore your data and continue with operations in no time.
  • Saves on IT cost - Imagine losing all your data to a cybercriminal or your system crashing due to a power surge and now you have to rebuild from scratch. That cost can be avoided with a data backup.

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Thinking of a backup solution for your business? Think no further. At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. we are an expert IT support provider in Pasadena specialized in helping businesses implement data backup solutions. Contact us now for more information.