Avoid a Data Breach with IT Support in Pasadena

Avoid a Data Breach with IT Support in Pasadena

Data breaches are becoming more and more common in businesses which operate in many different sectors—be it finance, health, and even law. Many top legal firms have suffered from major data breaches which have been very costly and also affected their reputations. Cybersecurity is non-negotiable, and your firm can begin updating your business protection with IT support in Pasadena today. Read on to learn some of the main risks legal businesses face and how you can reduce these.

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Facing the Risks

The numbers speak for themselves, and more and more law firms are experiencing cyber-attacks. These firms handle sensitive client information that can easily be misused and exploited should it fall into the wrong hands. Hackers employ a wide variety of attacks to target businesses, so your IT team needs to be aware of these.

Some of the main attacks that are befalling legal firms are a consequence of human error, ignorance, and negligence. Social engineering attacks and password phishing schemes are examples of attacks that require a human response. Other methods used for cyber-attacks include malware such as ransomware and social media threats. Data breaches may also be a result of out-of-date software. An IT support provider in Pasadena can help your business reduce all of these risks.

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Ways to Protect Your Firm’s Data

How then can your law firm protect your business and client data and avoid being the victim of the attacks discussed above? Regular employee training is an important part of cybersecurity. Keeping your team up to speed on password security and current phishing methods helps them know how to keep company data protected.

Another cybersecurity measure that can benefit your business is having regular updates and patching of the software your firm uses. Strong firewalls and antivirus programs are required to detect various threats in your business network and systems. Routine data backups to a secure and encrypted location are also an important part of lowering the possible impact of a data breach. As more and more firms onboard mobile devices and allow remote work, mobile device management also becomes an important issue.

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