Fighting Malware with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Fighting Malware with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

An important reason why many businesses are turning to IT consulting in Los Angeles is for better security. Cybercrime continues to be a major threat to all businesses. Here are IT trends that a managed service provider (MSP) can oversee to protect your company from malware and other online disruptions:

Stronger User/Passwords

Part of an IT consultant's job is to set strict security policies, such as requiring employees to use strong original passwords. Generic or default passwords are easy ways for cybercriminals to penetrate systems. The next generation of security will likely discard passwords completely in favor of a more advanced access solution. Blockchain development will play a growing role in modern security.

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Cybercrime Incidents Increase

The number of hardware devices being hacked is increasing, particularly routers and IoT devices. Infected devices can be difficult to detect without the help of an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles. Working with skilled experts will keep you in touch with professional advice and quick solutions to technical issues. IT experts stay on top of the latest malware and security patches.

Cybercriminals particularly target sites that process payments online, as they try to collect information on checkout pages. They may use the confidential information themselves or sell it to other criminals. One of the key targets of attackers is Microsoft Edge, the new browser replacing Internet Explorer. Businesses need to be aware of the malware threats, such as EternalBlue or a copycat that duplicates itself.

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Other less obvious attacks may also create havoc if you don't work closely with a Los Angeles IT service provider that monitors malware. The last thing you need are intruders on your network, so it helps to have experts tracking the activity on your network. Soundloggers, also known as keyloggers, launch new types of attacks that involve monitoring keystrokes that only the most cutting-edge IT firms even know about.

The Future of Workplace Cybersecurity

As damaging as malware and ransomware have been in recent years, they still cannot be controlled by artificial intelligence. IT officials, however, should still be concerned that AI-driven cybercrime is within the realm of future possibility. After all, automated security systems are what block cybercriminals, so it's a matter of time for AI technology to merge with cybercrime. Another trend to watch for is the rising number of businesses that allow employees to bring their own security to the workplace.

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Working with an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles is an important key to running a business protected from cybercrime. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about protecting your data and running your business more efficiently with high-quality technical expertise.