Defend Your Business Against Internal Threats with the Help of IT Support Experts in Los Angeles

Defend Your Business Against Internal Threats with the Help of IT Support Experts in Los Angeles

Businesses are increasingly relying on IT support experts in Los Angeles to secure their networks. Network security is a critical part of your IT strategy. Both internal and external threats can disrupt your business operations, but internal threats are often overlooked. However, most security breaches take the nature of internal attacks. It is, therefore, crucial to reinforce your defense against these attacks to prevent network penetration. Below are the top methods for securing your internal networks:

Deploy Port Security for Switch Ports

Hackers exploit network configuration loopholes such as plugging a hub into your switch port, which auto-negotiates a trunk into other switches. However, with port security, you can lock them out by limiting the number of MAC addresses a single port can accommodate.

By restricting the maximum number of devices that can access your ports, you’ll be instantly notified of an attempted breach and then act on it. In addition, you can preset an automatic action, such as shutting down the port.

Set Up Access Control Lists (ACLs)

IT support experts in Los Angeles can help you prevent IP spoofing threats, which arise from the external compromise of the DNS. To stop malicious actors from interfering with your DNS, they’ll help you install ACLs on the management interfaces of switches and routers to limit access to the management of IP addresses.

Doing so renders network management programs used by hackers, such as PuTTY, ineffective in snooping on the login screen of routers and switches.

Exploit Intrusion Prevention (IPS) Solutions

With an IPS program, you will be able to thoroughly analyze your network traffic because it runs on various network locations to detect malicious activity. However, you need a proper network design for the proper positioning of the IPS for the effective filtering of traffic. Your IT consultants will help you identify strategic locations such as the internet edge within a data center.

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