IT Support in Los Angeles: How Ignoring End-of-Life Microsoft OS Products is Risky

IT Support in Los Angeles: How Ignoring End-of-Life Microsoft OS Products is Risky

Those who ignore end-of-life Microsoft OS products do so at their own peril. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 had a January 14, 2019 end-of-life date. SQL Server 2008's end-of-life date is quickly approaching. Fast forward to July 19, 2019, and this database management system will prove disruptive. If you do not have the assistance of the best IT support team in Los Angeles, your workplace will become awfully hectic.

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An Important Forewarning About Microsoft Office Products

Microsoft is making it perfectly clear that support for commonly used server and desktop operating systems will end next year. New versions of Windows 7, SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 will arrive in less than a year. Unfortunately, plenty of business owners and managers are unaware of these rapidly approaching changes. If your business does not plan ahead, your operations could come to a grinding halt.

Millions of people still use Windows 7. Microsoft will no longer support this operating system once January of 2020 rolls around. This is important as Microsoft will no longer develop patches for the operating system's security vulnerabilities. Sadly, security problems are uncovered in this software with regularity. Microsoft has issued patches in the past, yet these patches will no longer be available when the new year rolls around. Hackers will inevitably exploit this lack of security. An IT support team in Los Angeles can help you transition to new Microsoft OS products that safeguard your data.

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Supply and Labor Issues

Once Microsoft eliminates support for the above-referenced products, businesses across the globe will be forced to transition to new operating systems. This is quite the hurdle for companies as well as IT service providers. Transitioning to a new system requires much more than merely downloading new software. These updates will also mandate users to upgrade office equipment to boot. The problem is several equipment manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard and Dell have made it crystal clear there will be a shortage of machines. In other words, the early bird will get the worm. If your office is not prepared for the transition to new Microsoft products, you might not be able to secure the machines necessary to keep your operations humming along.

Aside from the supply issue detailed above, there is also the potential for a labor shortage. The new year is less than nine months away. If your team has not begun replacing antiquated software and equipment, you might run out of time. The vast majority of machines that will need to be replaced have not yet been replaced. Unfortunately, it will be difficult for companies to find tech specialists capable of helping them make a seamless transition. The United States is near full employment, especially in the tech sector. More tech aficionados will be necessary to ameliorate the global transition to new Microsoft OS products.

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The Challenge of Preparing for the Cloud Migration

The end-of-life issue for server products has generated considerable demand for cloud migrations. Shifting to the cloud is prudent as there is no sense paying for physical servers when a virtual option is available. However, cloud migration mandates ample internet bandwidth and appropriate safeguards. The average company lacks the necessary security infrastructure to ameliorate this transition. If you are considering a transition to the cloud yet concerned about fees for digital security and the internet service provider, do some hard thinking about the future.


Do not let end-of-life for Microsoft Office software sabotage your office. Our IT support team in Los Angeles at DCG Technical Solutions understands the nuances of Microsoft Office programs and tech in general. We can help you get the most out of this software and gracefully transition to new solutions if necessary. Contact us to learn more.