Why IT Support Experts in Pasadena Advocate Moving to Microsoft Office 365

Why IT Support Experts in Pasadena Advocate Moving to Microsoft Office 365

Cost-Effective Options

IT support experts in Pasadena can help your business stay cutting-edge in terms of viability and sustainability. This will require a few strategic steps be taken, one of which will involve consolidating software resources under the most effective available management paradigms for business.

The Value of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has many benefits for businesses large and small. While not all operations may benefit from it, the majority of them will, and you're likely to find that managed service providers (MSPs) advise you incorporate some form of tech solution which utilizes this business software. Advantages of Microsoft Office 365 include:

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Upgrading Costly Conference Calling Apps

Skype for Business is a conferencing solution that can be a great means of reducing operational costs for your SMB. IT support experts in Pasadena often advise businesses to make the switch, as the preponderance of conferencing apps out there don't work as they should, because they don't have the big-business backing which has gone into apps like Microsoft Office 365.

Consolidating Chat Systems with Better Options

Team Chat is a better instant messaging solution than other options for many businesses and can help you consolidate solutions in terms of interaction more effectively. All messages can be stored for later reference, loading times can be reduced, and you can get everybody on the same page more easily.

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Keeping Data and Email Protected Through OneDrive

OneDrive is another consolidation method more reliable through Microsoft management than many solutions which haven't been developed in sync with a major software/hardware tech conglomerate.

OneDrive can automatically update and store all information which develops from daily operations through the end-user portals of your business. You can determine what data is automatically backed up and obtain nigh-continuous backup solutions.

Backup is essential for any business. When backup and data recovery (BDR) can be facilitated through cloud options like OneDrive, it saves a lot of trouble. Microsoft has standards to uphold, and though your data isn't 100% safe from all possible calamities, the vast majority of them--like 99.9999%--will be offset through such tactics. At the very least, you're likely to find greater cost-effective security through options like OneDrive than through internal backup options, or less-effective solutions of other cloud providers.

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Considering Office 365

Partnering with an IT support provider in Pasadena like DCG Technical Solutions can be essential in facilitating effective storage, contact and conferencing protocols. Microsoft Office 365 is a great transitionary step for many businesses in Pasadena and can give your business access to better video conferencing, internal communications, and cloud solutions. Contact us for more information.