Why Our IT Support Team in Pasadena Strongly Advises Against Pirated Software

Why Our IT Support Team in Pasadena Strongly Advises Against Pirated Software

IT support firms in Pasadena will almost unilaterally, regardless of MSP, advise you not to use pirated software. You might find untrustworthy MSPs who differ--- be leery of them. Still, many businesses use pirated software anyway. It's cheap, sometimes it's free, and it can be useful--- for a time.

The thing is, black hat tech people in a cybercriminal economy which has ballooned to a multi-trillion-dollar industry understand the allure of pirated software. They'll play the "long game" on you. Using pirated software can make a perpetual vulnerability central to your business.

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IT support providers have identified a number of common vulnerabilities those using pirated software are likely to open themselves to. If you're on the fence, consider what you're exposing your business to:

Expanded Vulnerability to Attack

IT support firms in Pasadena often have to put out preventable tech "fires" owing to spyware, malware, ransomware, or other data-abuse software hidden in pirated programs.

Even third-party programs can host Trojan viruses which undermine your entire business. You're going to have more vulnerability when you are operating with an untested, untrusted, illegal product. In a certain sense, your business is "asking" for it.

Pirated Software Doesn't Always Work Right

What if you're in a deadline crunch and your primary design software decides it doesn't want to work? Furthermore, what if you can't open the files you've made on that software on the non-pirated version? This can be expensive and simply unnecessary.

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Legal Issues Can Manifest Bad PR and Litigation Losses

If your business is caught using pirated software, and that becomes public, it's going to institute a PR nightmare which will likely diminish your company's value. If clients learn you're using pirated software, fearing their own security, they may pursue litigation. Again, these things are totally avoidable and unnecessary.

Updating is Impossible, and Honest People are Undermined

You can't upgrade pirated software. If you can, it's a sure bet whatever cybercriminal update you've used has some sort of malware on it. Also, when you use knock-off versions of mainstream programs that are pirated, you incidentally punish software engineers who are white-hat and did things the right way.

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Securing Operations and Avoiding Pirated Software

At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., our IT support team in Pasadena strongly advises against pirated software for legal, ethical, operational, and safety reasons. Also, in some cases, we can help you find affordable software options that are legitimate. Contact us for more information.