Why VPN Should Be Part of Your IT Support in Los Angeles

Why VPN Should Be Part of Your IT Support in Los Angeles

Businesses outsource their tech needs to IT support providers in Los Angeles for various reasons, like simplifying their processes, cutting down costs, automating tasks, and securing networks. Whatever the reason may be, there's no denying the fact that businesses are enjoying the many advantages of working with a third-party provider when it comes to fulfilling their IT needs.

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If your company is in it for security, you may want to consider using a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is a service that offers a safe way for a device to access the internet. When you connect your device to a VPN, your device gets a temporary IP address and hides its real IP address to add a layer of anonymity. Your device also looks like it's on the same local network as the VPN you're using. To the websites you visit, you're not browsing from your actual geographical location, but somewhere else.

It's for that reason why many people use VPNs. They want to access region-locked content, and the only way to do that -- aside from flying to the country where the said content is located -- is by virtually changing locations via VPN. For example, the selections in Netflix US differ from the selections in Netflix Australia, so someone in Sydney may want to use a VPN for added variety. Given that a lot of online content is region-locked, it's not a surprise why people use a VPN for personal reasons.

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But your employees won't be watching Netflix on the job, so why include VPN in your IT support in Los Angeles? As mentioned, a VPN serves as a more secure channel for surfing the internet. A VPN encrypts all sent and accessed information, thwarting off hackers trying to get their hands on sensitive data. It also helps users stay anonymous while browsing the internet. If your employees are using public Wi-Fi networks at hotels and airports to check emails, reply to messages, and visit web-based company portals while traveling, then connecting via a VPN is a good idea. In addition, bypassing geo-blocking is not just for Netflix. If your employees are on a business trip abroad, they may be restricted from accessing geo-blocked content that they need for their jobs, and only a VPN can enable them to access it.

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So does your business need a VPN? If your answer is yes, look for an IT support provider in Los Angeles that can offer you that, like us at DCG. With more than 25 years of experience, we can assure you that our IT services in Los Angeles are fast, reliable, effective. Contact us now for more details.