Defy the Challenges of Identity and Access Management with IT Support in Los Angeles

Defy the Challenges of Identity and Access Management with IT Support in Los Angeles

Ask any provider of IT support in Los Angeles about identity and access management (IAM), and chances are that they'll say it's one of the more challenging services to deliver. After all, the most convenient way to open a locked door is not by breaking it down, but by using the right key. Cybercriminals follow the same principle--- they steal login credentials by exploiting system vulnerabilities and human negligence. Thus, they watch out for any opportunity they can get, and grab it once it becomes available. This opportunity can come in any of the following situations, but fortunately, they can be handled accordingly:


With a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy in place, employees can use their own devices for work. BYOD improves their productivity because they're already using devices they're comfortable with. It also benefits employees because they don't have to invest in new devices. However, BYOD has its own share of issues, such as managing multiple devices with different platforms and defining the extent of control employers have over their employees' devices. Nevertheless, a provider of IT services in Los Angeles should be able to administer mobile device management to keep track of all devices.

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Employees use many apps and solutions for work, and for security purposes, each one should have its own unique password that needs to be changed regularly. But the burden of remembering them all falls on employees' shoulders, which can be frustrating to deal with on top of the usual job responsibilities. This frustration can even carry over to the IT team who may end up spending a lot of their time addressing requests for password change and account reactivation. But to make things easier, a provider of IT support in Los Angeles can help with an enterprise password manager.

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Some employees engage in bad habits that can affect company security, like clicking on phishing links, writing down passwords on paper, sharing login credentials with colleagues, and sending sensitive information over unsecured networks. They don't mean harm, but they don't know any better. The best way to set them straight is by making them undergo extensive security awareness training to identify bad practices and replace them with better ones. The good news is that managed service providers often bundle in such training with their services, so employees can get it directly from the experts.

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It's hard to face these IAM challenges on your own, so it's best to partner with a trusted provider of IT support in Los Angeles like us at DCG Technical Solutions. Contact us today to learn more.