IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Is Hiring a vCIO Right for Your Company?

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Is Hiring a vCIO Right for Your Company?

If you look at the executive lineup at any large company, you will quite often find the title of chief information officer (CIO) on the list. A CIO's main responsibility is leveraging technology to strengthen the company's success. According to the experts on IT consulting in Los Angeles, the role of CIO is vital for modern business success. However, smaller companies can't afford to hire one.

How can you gain the benefits of a CIO without hiring one directly? Introducing the virtual CIO (vCIO).

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What is a vCIO?

Simply put, a vCIO is someone outside the company providing the same role as a CIO would from inside. According to IT consulting experts in Los Angeles, a list of vCIO duties includes:

  • Leading IT strategy and setting the technology budget
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Facilitating technology improvements
  • Keeping the company's IT assets secure
  • Ensuring all IT components work well together

Besides keeping the current technology running well, the vCIO also has the responsibility of looking forward. Technology must support and bolster business objectives. On that end, a vCIO must be able to read financials and manage projects effectively

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Four Reasons to Hire a Virtual Chief Information Officer

Why should an SMB hire a vCIO? Here are four reasons to consider:

  1. The services of a CIO without the salary - Hiring a CIO can easily cost over $150,000. Going with a vCIO instead will cost you much less. You can pay when you need a vCIO's services and stop when you don't. That makes it more affordable for smaller companies.
  2. You get 24/7 support - When you hire a vCIO, you gain Los Angeles IT support 24/7. Instead of relying on a single person, you gain access to multiple consultants at the same time. You have the support you need when you need it.
  3. It's easier to hire a vCIO - Instead of recruiting a top IT expert to act as your CIO, you hire a managed services provider to act as vCIO. It helps keep costs to a minimum and you get the opportunity to vet the company beforehand.
  4. You get external objectively - A CIO can easily get caught up in a company's internal politics. Using a vCIO instead removes that potential issue. Instead, you gain external objectivity and perspective.

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