IT Support in Los Angeles Helps Parse Between Cloud Computing and Colocation

IT Support in Los Angeles Helps Parse Between Cloud Computing and Colocation

What's Colocation?

IT support firms in Los Angeles often provide services for clients operating under a colocation paradigm. If you're unfamiliar, colocation is when multiple businesses share the same space--- this is often done specifically as a means of managing IT costs.

Here's the thing: with colocation, businesses splitting space costs are still footing the bill for technology in use. Servers, connecting cables, monitors, routers, and any other associated tech all require the businesses using them pay for them.

So, though costs are conserved in terms of space, they aren't conserved in terms of hardware expenses. Additionally, colocation usually means reduction of security; other businesses may conceivably access your machines.

Cloud Benefits

Meanwhile, cloud computing solutions offer enhanced security and reduction of hardware costs. A cloud infrastructure is facilitated through a networked server array managed deliberately on the cutting edge by a cloud provider.

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IT service providers in Los Angeles often recommend such options, as they provide the same computational network ability businesses need, but without the need to own and manage hardware. Additionally, if you are managing your own hardware, you're going to have to pay for the IT assistance which facilitates it.

Cloud computing defers this expense, while colocation does not. In virtually every way, the cloud represents a superior solution. Also, it opens up some possibilities worth thinking about:

  • Enhanced Security
  • BYOD Facilitation
  • Comprehensive Cost Reduction

Enhanced Security

IT support firms in Los Angeles providing cloud solutions will give your business greater security. A cloud provider has a core prerogative the need to maintain the security of clientele in a way that is competitively viable. If competitors do better, cloud providers lose clients.

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BYOD Facilitation

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) protocols can actually increase productivity while additionally reducing hardware costs by deferring end-user portal expenses. A cloud-floated network allows for instantaneous access from wherever a trusted router is, provided the user has requisite access credentials.

You can outsource not just server space, but office space--in addition to a reduced need for on-site tech professionals. Altogether, upgrading to the cloud has the propensity to save tens of thousands of dollars annually, if not monthly.

Comprehensive Cost Reduction

IT service providers in Los Angeles cut costs in terms of reduced server space, reduced office space, eliminated hardware costs, and increased productivity through BYOD paradigms. Additionally, you should be able to reduce operational expenses through increased uptime and better security. This represents a comprehensive cost-deferral solution.

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The Superior Cloud

IT support in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can provide comprehensive cost reduction, BYOD facilitation, and enhanced security through the cloud. Altogether, these things traditionally outpace colocation benefits. Contact us for more information.