IT Support in Los Angeles and Hybrid Cloud Options

IT Support in Los Angeles and Hybrid Cloud Options

Defining Hybrid Cloud Computing

IT support providers in Los Angeles can help your business, large or small, make the best of cloud decisions. But not all cloud options are created equal. Some are actually more effective for one business than another. For example, consider the hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud computing combines public and private cloud paradigms.

The public cloud is basically a server array as maintained by a given cloud provider which functions sort of like rental space in an apartment building. If you're on the public cloud, you're "renting" a segment of the server array for your business.

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A private cloud is basically owning the whole apartment building, and using each unit as fits your needs. Hybrid options combine both. Internal, proprietary operations are on the private cloud, whereas non-sensitive data is the territory of the public cloud.

Different businesses have different needs, and finding what fits yours will likely require consultation with a legitimate tech agency for best results.

Finding Your Best Hybrid Cloud

IT support professionals in Los Angeles recommend one of the three big cloud computing platforms out there today. There are others which specialize sometimes in public or private options exclusively, or even in hybrid solutions; but generally, if you want the top-tier cloud experience, you'll want to go with one of these three cloud facilitators:

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud started with public cloud options primarily but has now begun embracing hybrid cloud solutions. Nutanix recently became a Google partner. Nutanix is an infrastructure vendor. Through Nutanix, clients can run apps in public cloud areas and on-premises. Additionally, VMware and Google recently became partners, allowing for on-premises private cloud operation and public solutions through Kubernetes.

Amazon Web Services

Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services (AWS) operates as perhaps the most well-known public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. Private options manifested through ASG, or Amazon Storage Gateway, DirectConnect, and dev-ops solutions such as CodeDeploy. Complete VMware options can be facilitated through AWS.

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Microsoft Azure

The most vocal hybrid cloud option of the big-ticket variety is, without a doubt, Microsoft Azure. Azure Stack is their private cloud platform. This is a kind of infrastructural hardware solution that operates like the conventional Azure cloud but remains on-premises of clientele.

Finding Your Hybrid Cloud

An IT support provider in Los Angeles like DCG Technical Solutions can help you determine which hybrid cloud solutions best fit your company's needs. Whether you're using an Azure Stack, working with AWS' Amazon Storage Gateway services, or using Google solutions like Nutanix, there is something that will fit the needs of your company. Contact us for more information.