Why Businesses Need IT Support in Pasadena for Data Protection

Why Businesses Need IT Support in Pasadena for Data Protection

These days, data protection should be a top priority for every business, which is why many firms turn to IT support in Pasadena. Not only can computer experts protect your digital assets, but they can also streamline your business in multiple ways to make it safer with reduced vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, many owners are unaware of this simple solution to fight cybercrime or they simply don't want to think about spending "extra money" except on the bare minimum to get by. Here are reasons every business needs a data protection plan:

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How Businesses Lose Data

Data can get lost or destroyed in various ways. The most common way data gets lost is when an employee accidentally overwrites data. Another way data gets lost is by placing a file in the wrong folder then forgetting about it. Data can also get lost when someone within the company steals or deletes it, perhaps just to create chaos for fun. Sometimes, data is lost due to hardware failures or power outages. The worst and most disastrous way data is compromised is from a security breach.

Major disasters, natural or manmade, may lead to a company's collapse, as about 25 percent do not recover from massive disasters. It's a good idea to be prepared with some type of plan in place that includes backup servers. According to author David M. Smith of The Cost of Lost Data, six percent of all PCs will experience data loss in any given year.

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Never Forget Backups Matter

If there's a backup somewhere in the system or offsite, then it's no problem, as the data can be restored. But if a company never makes any backups, they've got a major problem. It turns out an overwhelming majority of small businesses in America have this giant problem. A Gartner study found that only about 35 percent of small-to-medium businesses have a disaster recovery plan ready.

Ignoring backups is one of the most irresponsible things a company can do. Part of the problem is many companies cannot afford a quality IT staff, so there's no one on site with technical knowledge to remind management why backups are important. Hiring an IT support team in Pasadena, however, solves this problem. It is particularly crucial to work with skilled technicians if your company deals with confidential data. Hospitals are bound by HIPAA legislation to protect data. Other industries must also face government compliance or pay heavy fines.

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The road to a successful business is paved with vulnerabilities that an IT support firm in Pasadena can improve. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can provide solutions to keep your data safe.