IT Support in Los Angeles: Understanding PCI DSS

IT Support in Los Angeles: Understanding PCI DSS

IT support in Los Angeles is important for any business seeking to attain and maintain operational compliance. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a shifting target transitioning as technology does.

If you're going to continuously maintain balance here, outsourced solutions through the right MSP will likely be more effective than internal solutions limited by budget, materials, and experience.

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Outsourced options must retain prescience here for competitive viability. Internal resources are limited by the budget of your business. To retain compliance, and additionally apply the latest and most cost-effective management protocols to PCI DSS, MSPs help provide security solutions at these levels:

Six Million or More Transactions

IT support in Los Angeles manages level one security in terms of PCI DDS for businesses with more than six million Visa transactions every year. Essentially, a Report On Compliance (ROC) must be filed. Additionally, an Attestation Of Compliance (AOC) must be filed. Every quarter a network scan must take place.

One to Six Million Transactions

IT outsourcing in Los Angeles helping to facilitate PCI DSS at the second level will apply to groups doing more than a million Visa transactions annually, and less than six million. Self-assessment questionnaires and AOC forms must be filed annually. As well, a quarterly network scan is necessary.

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Between 20k and One Million Transactions

IT outsourcing in Los Angeles providing level three PCI DSS applies to businesses that process between 20k and a million Visa transactions every year. Requirements here are the same as level two.

Less Than 20k Visa Transactions Up to A Million

For those processing less than 20k Visa transactions annually, up to a million, for all combined brands, a self-assessment questionnaire and AOC form are necessary every year. A quarterly vendor scan may or may not apply.

Maximizing Security

Being out of compliance can result in substantial penalties. Depending on the state you're in, those penalties will be more or less impacting--some can cost you tens of thousands of dollars per infraction, some penalties are at the sole discretion of your state's Attorney General. The best tactic is to avoid all such issues through the use of the right MSP services.

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Effectively Securing Operational PCI DSS

IT support in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help keep your business secure in terms of PCI DSS compliance at all levels, throughout the year. Contact us for more information.