All You Need to Know About Cryptojacking as Shared by a Leading IT Support Provider in Los Angeles

All You Need to Know About Cryptojacking as Shared by a Leading IT Support Provider in Los Angeles

Businesses often invest heavily in acquiring IT resources which they hope to use to achieve their strategic business goals. As a business owner, you must have invested heavily in your IT infrastructure, and as thus, you expect this investment to deliver value to you and your firm. However, in the process of time, you might realize that your IT infrastructure is not performing as expected. One of the reasons behind this might be the fact that your firm’s IT has been hijacked by cryptocurrency miners in what has come to be known as "cryptojacking". In this article, an expert IT support provider in Los Angeles explains what cryptojacking is and how you can avoid it.

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What is Cryptojacking?

Simply put, cryptojacking can be defined as an online hacking threat that is often used by hackers to mine digital currencies from devices owned by unsuspecting internet users. Often, these attacks are designed in such a way that you, the victim, can hardly notice that your device or computer is being used to mine cryptocurrencies by hackers. Since cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of computing power, some hackers have found a way of injecting malware scripts to their victims’ IT systems and use the processing powers of their victims’ computers to achieve their own selfish goals.

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How Does It Work?

Well, according to IT support experts in Los Angeles, hackers often start by infecting the target machine by either using phishing tactics or they use pop up ads to embed their scripts in their victims’ web browsers.

For the phishing tactic option, hackers do send emails disguised as official communication asking the recipients to click on some link. Once the link is clicked, a script will be downloaded and installed in the background without the victim ever knowing.

For the pop-up ad option. Internet users are often duped into clicking on a pop-up ad which will automatically download and execute the script on the machine without the victim’s knowledge.

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How Can You Detect It?

You can detect it on your computer if it is showing the following symptoms:

  • Unusually slow response times
  • Higher processor usage than usual
  • Faster battery drain
  • Loud noises on your device
  • Frequent overheating

How Can You Prevent Cryptojacking?

  • Make sure that you have updated all your security, anti-malware and antivirus software programs
  • Monitor your network traffic
  • Check all browser extensions
  • Register your staff for cyber awareness training

A Final Thought

Having read this article, could you still be having questions that need to be attended to? If yes, don’t hesitate to contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. We are a qualified IT support provider in Los Angeles with experience in a wide expertise in matters cybersecurity. Contact us to learn more.