IT Support in Los Angeles: Importance of Data Protection to SMBs

IT Support in Los Angeles: Importance of Data Protection to SMBs

IT support in Los Angeles is essential for businesses that are scaling out. Cloud computing, IoT, BYOD paradigms, and more will naturally expand the digital "surface area" of your business. Essentially, you become a bigger target the more successful you are. It's important to defend yourself.

There are a lot of reasons to keep your information safe from cybercriminals. Following are four that are likely to affect your SMB directly over the next several years:

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Data is One of The Most Valuable Assets of Any Business

IT support in Los Angeles emphasizes that data is all-important. Data reveal hidden trends and patterns, helps direct action, facilitates competitive viability, and helps you avoid missteps. Data drives innovation and refines marketing. So, it's not only valuable to you. It's also valuable to cybercriminals.

If your business processes credit card information, you're an especially large target--- if hackers can get that information, they can systematically steal from anyone who has ever given you their data. Data is king in the information age. The king must be protected by an IT bodyguard who understands its purpose. MSPs do this better than most SMB solutions internally can.

Even Conscientious Operations Suffer Data Breaches

The greatest threats to your company, in terms of data compromise, are actually going to be internal, and result accidentally as the result of poor internet conduct or outright mistake. Data protection identifies anomalous behavior and quarantines specific machines early, avoiding total network compromise--- among other things.

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As An SMB/SME, You're a Prime Target

Small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises (SMB/SMEs) are prime cybercrime targets owing to their lack of security resources. Cybercriminals know you're, for the most part, wide open. If you've got MSP security, you can reduce the digital "surface area" of the "target" that's your business.

Compliance Considerations

In 2018, the Data Protection Act was replaced by General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) compliance rules. As technological capability shifts, becoming more integral to daily life, compliance requirements naturally shift as well.

Unless your internal department can totally devote itself to being current, as an MSP can, you'll likely fall behind here through internal data protection actions. Retaining compliance is best done through professional organizations.

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Protecting Your Business

IT support in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. helps you maintain compliance, reduce your appeal to hackers, reduce internal breaches, and properly protect your precious data. Contact us for more information.