The Importance of IT Support in Los Angeles for Companies with Waning Password Protocols

The Importance of IT Support in Los Angeles for Companies with Waning Password Protocols

How Secure are Your Passwords?

IT support providers in Los Angeles can assist you in securing operations in terms of IT resources through enhanced password management. You've likely got vulnerabilities you know nothing about. Unless you have resources to essentially fund an internal IT department with competitive viability against local MSPs, there are going to be a few security gaps.

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Reasons Your Passwords May Not Be Effective

The goalposts of security are always moving. Because technology is in transition and doubles on itself predictably in terms of capability, what worked last year may not work this year.

Following are several reasons present passwords may not work. If these things apply to you, you should seek solutions in terms of password management:

  • Shared passwords
  • No contingency plans
  • Similarity in passwords
  • Standards in password creation that are behind

Shared Passwords

IT support providers in Los Angeles advise strongly against shared passwords. This by default indicates passwords will be passed around to those who may or may not be qualified to use them. Essentially, it's a wide-open vulnerability. Shared passwords will be stored insecurely, and easier to steal.

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No Contingency Plans

Do you have contingency plans should a password be compromised? Can you quickly reset the password and lock out anyone with the old one from access? If you don't have contingency plans, this can mean an employee is unable to access your network for as much as a day. That's no good for anybody. If a password is compromised, resetting access privileges shouldn't take longer than twenty minutes.

Similarity in Passwords

Some businesses assign passwords based on common factors. So, if your name is Jillian Michaels, your login is “” and your password is “MichJil1!”. While this password has the right length, numbers, capitals, and special characters, it's predictable--- it's just the first syllable of the last name combined with the first syllable of the first name with a number and exclamation point thrown in at the end. Someone could deduce passwords from anyone on your staff if there is similarity in password design like this.

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Standards in Password Creation that are Behind

At a bare minimum, passwords need to be eight characters, include a number, include a character, and a capital letter. So, “MichJil1!” technically fits the bill, but it's predictable. A better password would be something like “JcihMil7$”.

Securing Passwords

IT support experts in Los Angeles from DCG Technical Solutions can help upgrade password standards, avoid similarity in password creation, design contingency plans for compromised access credentials, and provide solutions which are better than shared passwords. For more information on IT security and the latest in technology solutions, contact us.