IT Consulting in Los Angeles: The Importance of System and Software Updates

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: The Importance of System and Software Updates

When it comes to cybersecurity, there is no such thing as being too careful. In particular, you must keep your software updated with the latest patches and improvements. Software updates are necessary to guard against the latest exploits. Fail to update your software and it is likely to become that much more vulnerable in due time. However, employee devices are somewhat of an X factor. If employees' personal devices are neglected, they will prove to be a considerable digital security risk. Train your employees to keep their software updated and your network security won't be subjected to nearly as much risk. Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is here to educate and train your team on cybersecurity safeguards to preserve the integrity of your computing equipment and data.

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Keeping Your System Updated

It is awfully easy to forget to keep your system updated simply because most businesses are busy to the point that system updates are overlooked. It will help to turn on automatic updates. Have your operating system automatically update and employees will no longer need to remember to perform the updates. If you can't turn on automatic updates, it is a good idea to come up with an update schedule. This schedule should include smartphones, desktop computers and beyond. Even devices that rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) have the potential to be vulnerable so be sure to update all IoT devices.

Browser plug-ins must also be updated along with the browser itself. Browsers plug-ins are essential o boosting system functionality, yet they will pose security risks unless updated. It will also help to use automated software application updates. However, if you turn on those automatic updates, there is the potential for interactions that occur between integrated software to malfunction. When in doubt, rely on our IT consulting team in Los Angeles for guidance. We will ensure the steps you take to protect your software, network and devices will not cause havoc down the line.

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Implement a Software Update Policy

The software will not be updated in a timely manner unless you have a clear and cogent digital security policy. Add the details of the policy to your existing security policies to ensure workers know exactly what is expected of them. Otherwise, if there is no accountability, your team is likely to overlook the policy. The policy should feature a list of software to be updated along with the frequency of those updates. If you have any questions about the appropriate frequency for updates or the types of software to be updated, lean on our Los Angeles managed IT services experts for assistance. Take the extra step of securing systems on the application level and the use of personal employee devices will not prove nearly as risky.

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At DCG Technical Solutions, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is here to help you with every aspect of cybersecurity. From firewalls to two-factor authentication, system/software updates and beyond, we have every angle of cybersecurity covered. Contact us to learn more.