IT Consulting Experts in Los Angeles Say, “Upgrade Your Windows Software Before It’s Too Late!”

IT Consulting Experts in Los Angeles Say, “Upgrade Your Windows Software Before It’s Too Late!”

IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles operate in a cyclical way owing not only to technology's predictable exponential growth, but to software transition. Every decade or so, old tech becomes outmoded. It becomes more expensive and taxing for companies to provide support for such software, so they put an EOL (End Of Life) or EOS (End Of Support) stamp on it. EOL has more to do with hardware, whereas EOS deals with software and operating systems primarily. Right now, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 are nearing their EOS date. In fact, it's coming January 14th, 2020.

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Is Your Business Prepared?

Los Angeles managed IT services providers recommend making the switch to avoid security breaches, excessive unnecessary downtime, and other collateral issues deriving from not respecting the EOS on varying big-ticket software like Windows 7, etc. If you need to upgrade, and haven't yet, consider the following process:

Conduct Inventory of Software Assets and Associated Devices

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles advise businesses to first take stock of assets and devices which may be affected by EOS here. Once you've done that, you can determine what changes need to be made and what changes are unnecessary. Sometimes you don't need to change anything, sometimes doing nothing could seriously cripple your business once the EOS date hits. With consultation, you can address areas you might have missed through internal inventory.

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Determine Impacts of End User Support Loss

Sometimes the impact of EOS is high in terms of end-users affected, sometimes it isn't. For example, PoS (Point of Sale) devices like cash registers are pretty straightforward, if the machine breaks down, you'd have to buy a new one anyway; you might as well use it until you can't anymore.

Associated software may be irrelevant because you've got your investment out of the device already. Other times, such devices are integral to a larger network and can clog it up with antiquated errors. You must know the impact of doing something or doing nothing.

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Follow Your Course, Communicate Properly

Los Angeles managed IT services providers may advise you to keep using certain devices or you entirely curtail their use. It could advise you update software. Internal inventory conduction may reveal the same outcomes. Whatever you do, communicate your course of action to personnel and other relevant staff, and follow through.

Overcoming EOS Issues

At DCG Technical Solutions, our IT consulting experts in Los Angeles can help you keep from being backhanded by unexpected EOS issues through determining your needs, associated impact, and help you design an effective plan of action. Contact us now for more information.