IT Consulting in Los Angeles: The Merits of the Hybrid Cloud

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: The Merits of the Hybrid Cloud

The average business owner or manager is understandably hesitant to segue to the cloud, let alone the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud is a combination of the public cloud and the private cloud. Below, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles explains the benefits of the hybrid cloud for businesses of all sizes and types.

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Superior Scalability

The hybrid cloud makes it that much easier for your business to scale. If you have not yet taken advantage of the hybrid cloud, this is your chance to move certain operations over to the virtual realm and ultimately benefit in myriad ways. The use of automation rules in the cloud empowers companies to scale resources upwards and back as necessary. Once the migration occurs, the business can take advantage of the cloud's unlimited resources, bolster efficiency and ultimately ramp up performance. There is no reason to fear migration to the hybrid cloud, our Los Angeles IT service team can lend you a helping hand every step of the way.

Facilitate Innovation

The cloud environment allows for innovation to be implemented in a subtle yet straightforward manner, primarily because it does not mandate considerable expenditure for new service modeling. Prior to the creation of the cloud, the costs tied to these tasks ranged from labor to investing a considerable amount of capital to establish infrastructure and perhaps most importantly— time. Such procedures over-pressured existing resources, particularly those on capacity management practices.

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The hybrid cloud allows for a wide array of concepts to be tested in the cloud. Even a prototype can be tested without additional cost. However, some business owners/managers are unwilling to make the leap to the hybrid cloud. If you are hesitant to take the cloud plunge, lean on our IT consulting crew in Los Angeles for assistance; we will help you make the transition to the hybrid cloud and get the most value out of this technology.

Hybrid Cloud Security

It is often said data security in the public cloud is insufficient. This statement is somewhat accurate as information in the public cloud is not stored in private spaces. The public cloud allows for access by way of the web. In the secluded hybrid cloud, there is considerably more flexibility in the architecture and design. Furthermore, the security is that much stronger than the security within the public cloud.

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Business Continuity

Business continuity is one of the primary components of a company's operations. Business continuity plans should not be constrained to backing up information within the cloud. Rather, business continuity is centered on conducting business when a disaster or another failure strikes. If an emergency occurs, data management procedures are not impacted, ensuring your business will function like a well-oiled machine. The hybrid cloud guarantees necessary data is stored and backed up in the hybrid cloud to prevent data loss, even if disaster strikes. This way, there is minimal downtime. Furthermore, the costs tied to data recovery are unsubstantial.

If you have not yet shifted to the hybrid cloud, the time to do so is now. At DCG Technical Solutions, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is ready to help your business make this transition and get the most out of your tech investment. Contact us now for more information.