IT Support in Los Angeles: Digital Threats You Need to Be Aware Of and Avoid

IT Support in Los Angeles: Digital Threats You Need to Be Aware Of and Avoid

You might not know your company has been victimized by a digital attack until subtle signs arise such as a slower computer or the inability to access media. In some cases, you are fully locked out of the system. If you notice the same problems occurring with other computers in your office, it is a sign your business has suffered a company-wide digital attack. Fret not, our IT support team in Los Angeles is here to help.

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Recognize the Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware freezes computers or networks until a ransom is paid, typically in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Ransomware usually spreads through phishing or spam messages. However, there is also the potential for ransomware to spread by way of websites and even downloads that infect an endpoint and infiltrate the network. The many different ransomware methods for infection are changing with each passing day. When ransomware takes hold of a computer or network, all the files are locked through robust encryption. If the ransom is paid, the files are decrypted and the IT system operations are restored.

The most common type of ransomware is known as cryptoware. However, non-encrypting ransomware, also known as lock screens, also exist. This type of ransomware limits access to data and files yet does not go to the extent of encrypting them. Extortionware involves the theft of data the digital miscreants hold hostage until the ransom is paid. Even mobile devices are being targeted with mobile device ransomware that infects smartphones through phony apps and drive-by downloads.

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Malware Trends

Ransomware is a significant threat to businesses of all sizes, types and niches, yet it is not the only form of malware. Cryptojacking has become quite popular amongst cyber thieves. In certain economic sectors, cryptojacking attacks have surpassed ransomware attacks in terms of frequency. Cryptojacking, also known as malicious cryptomining, conceals itself on a computer or a mobile computing device, using the resources on the machine to mine web-based money referred to as cryptocurrencies. Cryptojacking has the potential to take over internet browsers and compromise an array of devices, ranging from laptops to desktop computers, network servers, phones and more. Part of the challenge with cryptojacking is the affected user cannot identify its presence. If you suspect your company has been cryptojacked, reach out to our IT support team in Los Angeles for assistance.

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If your business is not properly protected against digital attacks or if you do not have the proper protocols in place to rebound from a digital attack, our IT support team in Los Angeles at DGG Technical Solutions can help with cybersecurity assessments, digital security training, breach prevention, a web content filter and so much more. Reach out to us to learn more about our IT services in Los Angeles and how we can help.