IT Support in Pasadena: Be Aware of the Business of Cybercrime on the Dark Web

IT Support in Pasadena: Be Aware of the Business of Cybercrime on the Dark Web

Cybercrime is a thriving business on the Dark Web. There is a wide array of products (cyber threat tools) with value proposition and marketing campaigns. Some purveyors of cybercrime even have a complete customer service desk, development teams, and more. What that means is that you need the most advanced IT support in Pasadena to safeguard your business from this evolving threat.

The cybercrime commoditized on the Dark Web is known as Cybercrime as a Service. It entails:

  • Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) - Just like legit software as a service business, ransomware packages are sold on the dark web too. The payment model for ransomware tools can be monthly or yearly. These ransomware toolkits can enable even a tech newbie to carry out sophisticated ransomware attacks. A skilled IT support team in Pasadena can help to put up impenetrable defenses against such ransomware.
  • Selling of server accesses - Threat actors may be able to carry out speedy attacks and without ever having to rely on insider information or phishing as before. That’s because there are clients on the dark web whose specialty is to get those credentials that access servers around the world. Any hacker can buy these and use the remote desktop protocol to breach your data or install spyware and Trojans.
  • Cybercrime Infrastructure as a Service - Highly specialized cybercriminals have developed networks of breached computers. They sell this computing power to the highest bidder who can then launch phishing or DDoS attacks. The pricing of the botnets depends on the duration of the attack.
  • Selling stolen PayPal or credit card accounts - Many hackers don’t take the risk of using the PayPal or credit card accounts that they steal. They sell them to other cybercriminals, charging 10% of the money available in those accounts. The hackers obtain access to those accounts by phishing scams on email and webpages.

Cybercrime Trade on the Dark Web Uses Real-World Marketing Techniques

The cyber vandals may use professional-looking logos and holiday sales like Black Friday. Some even go on to use other channels like Instagram and Yelp, complete with reviews and a customer support service. They then rebrand just when they are about to be detected.

The business of cybercrime is thriving, but it’s a different story for legit firms.

The FBI Internet Crime Report states that cybercrime cost organizations more than $2.7 billion in 2018. As hacker tools become increasingly democratized, we can only expect more threats soon. Business owners, therefore, need to ensure that they have adequate data protection against attacks. Threat actors never snooze--- and neither should you.

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