Maximize Important Data Security with IT Support in Pasadena

Maximize Important Data Security with IT Support in Pasadena

A Sympathetically Reflective Technology Climate

IT support experts in Pasadena often have to educate clients regarding the reality of modern technology. The "white-hat" or "public" technology is the same market value as the "black-hat" or "cybercriminal" IT industry. Presently, white-hat tech is valued at $5 trillion annually. In 2021, it's expected that black-hat IT will make a $6 trillion dent.

An IT consultant in Pasadena can help you determine where you're most at risk and where you're already exercising proper security protocols. Sometimes the only way to be secure is through exterior support; different situations exist for different businesses. But regardless of what sort of profit your own operation is built around, these reasons recommend buffing up security:

Regulations Are Expanding

IT support experts in Pasadena can help you remain in proper compliance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA, dominates IT in the healthcare industry. Additional regulations exist for things like PI (personal information). Legal definitions of PI can be different in different states, and if you deal with customer PI, you're liable for it. How extensive that liability is depends on the regulations of the state. MSPs help you ensure you're properly compliant.

Common Types of Cybercrime aren't Going Away

An IT consultant in Pasadena can help you determine which cybersecurity risks to focus on. Certain threats have disappeared, but many have remained. Ransomware, malware, spyware, adware, Trojan viruses, phishing, social engineering hacks--- you need the latest info to safeguard against these and developing threats.

Even Governments Get Involved in Cybercriminal Exploits

In 2017, the WannaCry worm backhanded 150+ countries. It came from North Korea. Do you really think that was the fault of some hacker in a garage? It was the North Korean government. And they're not the only one pulling chicanery of this variety in modernity; MSPs help you keep safe from known digital agitators.

Keeping Your Information Safe

IT support experts in Pasadena through DCG Technical Solutions can help you protect your business from the collateral menace of rogue governments, prevalent cybercrime, and the sometimes-unexpected fines from local regulations. These things are fundamental to plan for. Contact us for more information.