Work with IT Support Experts in Pasadena for Dark Web Protection!

Work with IT Support Experts in Pasadena for Dark Web Protection!

The dark web is like the underground internet full of creepier characters than you'd find at a haunted house. Businesses that work with IT support experts in Pasadena have the opportunity to protect themselves against the nefarious forces of the dark web. Here are ways your IT support team can help block dark web players from invading your network:

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Stolen Data on the Dark Web

A great deal of the cybercrime that infiltrates business networks originates from the dark web, which is also where stolen data ends up. It's a place where cybercriminals sell confidential information to fellow criminals. Selling corporate secrets and personal financial data has contributed to a growing illegal enterprise for these thieves. Other illegal transactions on the dark web often involve guns, drugs and child pornography.

Part of the mystique of the dark web is that it allows visitors to be anonymous. In order to access it anonymously, you need special software and encrypted IP addresses. The reason you should be concerned about the dark web is that there were over 1,500 corporate data breaches in 2017 alone, which was up 44 percent from the previous year, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. While not all activity on this underground internet is illegal, about half of its sites participate in cybercrime.

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Dark Web Monitoring

The reliable security solution to dark web hacking is dark web monitoring. By teaming up with IT support experts in Pasadena, you can allow security experts to monitor the dark web for you to find out if your confidential information can be accessed there.

To give you an idea of how widespread this crime is becoming, two billion email account credentials are currently on sale on the dark web. Meanwhile, 85 million confidential records on personal health information are also for sale. Furthermore, nearly three-quarters of the U.S. population now has information about them available on the dark web, mostly without their knowledge.

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One of the solutions IT professionals use to monitor the dark web is a platform called Dark Web ID from ID Agent. This solution can assess data breaches that may have affected your company. Security officials can determine the type of attack and where it originated. They can then seal the breach and help lower future risks.

Turning to IT support experts in Pasadena is a major step toward protecting your business from dark web cybercriminals. Contact us now at DCG Technical Solutions to know more about the dark web and how to keep it from disrupting your business.