IT Consulting in Los Angeles: How Endpoint Security Works

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: How Endpoint Security Works

Cybercrime is on the rise, and working with IT consulting experts in Los Angeles is necessary to protect your business. 58% of the businesses that have encountered cyber-attacks are small ventures. Unfortunately, 60% of the victims do not survive six months after an attack.

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Remote computing devices like laptops, tablets, and desktops are vulnerable and are entry points for cybercriminals. Protecting your network endpoints can keep valuable data safe and ensure business continuity.

Here's how endpoint security works:

Remote Protection

Endpoint management solutions allow you to protect your company’s network devices being used in remote locations. Network administrators can access all computers that are connected to the network.

Centralization of endpoint management not only increases efficiency in the protection of a company’s network, but also saves money. Remote management also allows 24-hour surveillance of the company’s devices, hence resolving security issues in good time.

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Email Filtering

The most targeted businesses by phishers are in the USA and account for 84% of the phishing volume. Phishing is mostly done through email messages. One of the strategies IT consulting experts in Los Angeles use to combat phishing is email sandboxing.

A virtual environment is created, where all emails go through before they get to your inbox. Email filtering in endpoint management ensures that malware is not spread through phishing emails.

Automation of Software Updates

Installing software updates in your computers will save your business from significant losses resulting from cyber-attacks. With the help of Los Angeles managed IT services experts, you can automate software updates on your computers. Outdated software in your network is an entry point for cyber-attacks.

Through software updates, computer bugs are eliminated and security holes are patched. Updating your software and OS locks the attackers out. Outdated software is weakened and serves as a weak point to hackers. By deploying endpoint security management solutions that automate software updates, you secure the valuable data available on your computers, smartphones, and tablets.

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Monitoring of Your Devices

Endpoint management solutions monitor your network 24/7 and give you alerts on any suspicious activities on your system. The solutions help you act on a potential threat by alerting you in real-time. They can also mediate some of the issues and ensures uptime of your system.

With the upward trend of cybercrime, businesses should be vigilant in protecting their data. Regardless of the size of your business, get IT consulting services in Los Angeles to help you create a dependable endpoint security service. This will guarantee the security of your data. At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc, we provide reliable endpoint management solutions. Reach out to us for more information.