BYOD Policies and Breach Prevention Explained by Our IT Support Team in Los Angeles

BYOD Policies and Breach Prevention Explained by Our IT Support Team in Los Angeles

It is no secret BYOD carries some inherent security risks for IT environments, and if you fail to implement a reasonable BYOD policy, you will lose workers to the competition and ultimately prove quite inefficient as an organization. After all, no employee wants to work for a company that does not allow staffers to use their personal computing devices at work and/or for work-related purposes. The challenge is in creating a bulletproof BYOD security policy that does not prompt your employees to jump ship for an employer that is more flexible with BYOD. Below, our IT support team in Los Angeles explains how managers can secure data in a BYOD environment.

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BYOD From a Manager's Perspective

Managers of companies large and small must recognize the security risks posed by permitting clients to bring their own computing devices to work or at least use those devices to complete work, be it in the form of emailing, editing documents, transmitting/downloading files, etc. In other words, managers are tasked with establishing a security strategy that is flexible yet prevents a breach. IT security managers should provide employees with a mobile app that taps into an encrypted connection for direct communication with corporate servers. This approach ensures employees have an efficient, convenient and easy means of obtaining secure remote access. This type of app has the potential to connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server, providing users access to everything from their contact list to a calendar, notes, email, etc. You can maintain tight security by limiting data transmitted to the mobile device to information that is immediately necessary for the display.

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Ideally, data will be strictly loaded in the main memory for only as long as the application is active. None of the data will be on the device upon termination. This way, if the device is lost or stolen, there is no chance of a data breach as the information stays on the corporate server, as opposed to the employee's device. Furthermore, a mobile app issued by the company will also prevent improper access by mandating a login as well as a password.

Recognize the Seemingly Never-Ending Benefits of BYOD Policies

Lean on our IT services team in Los Angeles for assistance in the creation of your BYOD policy and your company will benefit in a number of important ways. BYOD policies reduce overhead costs as the company does not have to provide workers with mobile devices.

Furthermore, employees are that much more flexible as they can work on their mobile device whenever desired. As long as there is a secure remote access solution in place, the company data will not prove vulnerable.

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Our IT support team in Los Angeles is here to help you implement such a solution. We can also help you instate a secure remote access policy to boot. This way, your team will tap into a fully encrypted connection when accessing company data.

Take BYOD seriously, lean on our IT support team in Los Angeles for assistance and you will have done your part to prevent a potentially devastating breach. At DCG Technical Solutions, our BYOD experts are here to review your current policy, help you mitigate risk and ultimately safeguard your data across posterity. Get in touch with us for more info!