How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Help Your Business Transition in the Wake of EOL

How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Help Your Business Transition in the Wake of EOL

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles strongly advise those using Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 to make the transition to newer Operating Systems (OS) soon. In January of 2020, these services reach EOL, or End of Life. That means support from Microsoft will no longer be offered for them. Essentially, this is their "expiration date." You can keep using software and hardware which runs on a "legacy" OS. However, this poses some serious risks.

Some businesses are too large to make a total transition by 2020. For such operations, Los Angeles IT service providers can advise several courses of action. Following, we'll briefly consider a few tactics you should consider as the EOL on these core Microsoft services approaches:

Extended Security Updates at a Cost

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles can help you find extended security patch updates and assistance, but it's only available at a cost. Because some businesses are so big, they just can't make the transition in time. Some businesses have legacy computer systems in continuous operation that have been anachronisms for decades. Different businesses have different needs, so there are additional support options available; but their cost, for most, is greater than just upgrading.

Fallout from Continuing to Use Legacy Systems

Los Angeles IT service can be key in helping you avoid security fallout from anachronistic hardware or software. Technology exponentially expands on itself at intervals. If you're not on the cutting edge, you'll be on the "cutting floor," so to speak.

Legacy systems today become vulnerable to new software. A gigabyte fifteen years ago was a lot of data. Today, it's fairly minimal. Terabytes today occupy the position gigabytes once did. If you don't respect such transitions, you'll be less competitively viable and less secure owing to older hardware and software. Top-tier security means nothing if it's a technological iteration behind.

Migration Eventually Will Be Inevitable for Some Systems

Interface becomes impossible with systems that are too old. Say someone uses floppy discs today. How would you trade data with them? The hardware and the software of yesterday aren't compatible with today's options. Fail to make the transition, and you could isolate yourself in a negative way.

Managing Impact from EOL Issues

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help you get ahead of inevitable migration, avoid anachronistic tech fallout, and help you extend old systems if necessary as you make the switch. Contact us for more information.