IT Support in Los Angeles: The Best Cloud Security Practices

IT Support in Los Angeles: The Best Cloud Security Practices

Security and technology should be tightly linked to one another, yet this is not always the case. If you have not yet segued to the cloud or are concerned about the security of your data currently stored on the cloud, our IT support team in Los Angeles is here to help. Below, we identify essential cloud security practices that will keep your cloud environment fully secure.

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Access Control Management

Improper access to your data stored in the cloud has the potential to ruin your business. Lean on our IT support professionals in Los Angeles for assistance developing and enacting such control policies and you will no longer have to worry about unauthorized parties attempting to access your cloud data. In fact, we can even set up your cloud environment so specific users are provided with nuanced rights and access policies for the utmost protection.

Cloud Data Encryption

When data is stored in the cloud, it must be protected in the proper manner. The best cloud environments support comprehensive data encryption for information moving to the cloud as well as information emanating from the cloud. Be sure to touch base with your cloud service provider to determine whether their encryption policies are actually implemented and likely to prove sufficient.

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Conduct Regular Penetration Testing

Security gaps can pop up anywhere in the cloud infrastructure. If such gaps are not identified and closed, your company will have left the door wide open for digital miscreants to enter the cloud deployment and wreak havoc. Plenty of cloud providers will permit penetration testing for such gaps upon request. You can prepare such tests and conduct them to reveal the truth about your cloud security or lack thereof through IT outsourcing in Los Angeles.

Employee Cybersecurity and Cloud Security Training

In many cases, the most significant security threat to cloud technology is the business and its personnel. The improper use of the cloud environment due to carelessness or the lack of cybersecurity education will present an opportunity for malicious individuals to find their way into the system and wreak havoc. Let our IT team educate and train your employees about cloud/digital security and the chances of a problem arising will be significantly less. After all, it merely takes one click of the mouse for an employee to create an opportunity for a cyber thief to pilfer your cloud data and cause all sorts of unnecessary drama and financial losses.

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At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., our IT support team in Los Angeles can help you with your digital security needs. We have the solutions to your cloud security challenges. Reach out to us to learn more about our digital security services and schedule an initial consultation.