IT Support Providers in Pasadena Can Help You Make the Right Server Choice

IT Support Providers in Pasadena Can Help You Make the Right Server Choice

Essential Factors to Consider in Server Effectiveness

IT support providers in Pasadena offer many clients the opportunity to cut costs and expand operational effectiveness through informed choices in terms of hardware purchase. One of the most important areas where such consultation applies regards servers.

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Getting the Right Work Horse

In terms of IT, your server is sort of like a warhorse or a workhorse. It's a digital beast of burden, essentially. Some servers need to be strong and reliable--they're the Clydesdales of the industry. Meanwhile, some servers need to be faster than others to win digital "races", if you will. Different server selections are more or less appropriate for different businesses. There are a lot of factors to consider, four you might want to look into include:

  • How will the server be used, how many apps will you run from it?
  • Will remote access capability be necessary?
  • What level of power will be required?
  • How much memory will be needed?

How Will the Server Be Used, How Many Apps Will You Run from It?

IT support providers in Pasadena will advise you to determine specific use parameters to help you narrow down your choices. Will servers be primarily used as data repositories? Will they be hosting apps you've purchased? Will they be hosting apps you've designed? Figure out the answers to these questions as precisely as possible, and give yourself a margin for error.

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Will Remote Access Capability Be Necessary?

While today's market is moving continuously toward decentralization and today's increase in mobile interface (greater than desktop web interface as of 2018) is considerable, remote accessibility can be a security concern. Consultation is key here. It's also considerable that remote access can tax servers more than on-site solutions, meaning you may have to expand your margin for error.

What Level of Power Will Be Required?

Servers require energy, and usually on a continuous basis. The more powerful the server, the more energy it's going to need. Know the necessary power thresholds and related costs.

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How Much Memory Will Be Needed?

Your level of memory is a big factor in the server you acquire. Sometimes you need servers for backup and storage, sometimes you're simultaneously storing data, running apps, and updating software.

Finding The Best Servers For Your Business

DCG’s IT support experts in Pasadena can help you determine what your exact server needs are. Memory, power, remote access, and server usage are just a few among many factors to consider. For more information to help you make the most informed decision, call us at 213-261-3998.