NIST Cybersecurity Framework Compliance and IT Support in Los Angeles

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Compliance and IT Support in Los Angeles

A crucial strategic step for manufacturers is to become NIST-compliant. NIST stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is part of the U.S. Commerce Department. The agency develops, promotes, and maintains standards such as those set for cybersecurity in the United States. Here are key facts to know about why NIST compliance is important in an age of unpredictable cybercrime and why manufacturing businesses in Los Angeles need an IT support partner to achieve it:

Improving Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

In 2019, the federal government issued Executive Order 13636 called "Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity". This order was designed to direct the development of the voluntary Cybersecurity Framework, which establishes principles for management of cybersecurity risks and other infrastructure intelligence. The approach focuses on standards for greater financial efficiency, flexibility and performance in cybersecurity management. It's something that IT support experts in Los Angeles can help you implement.

The manufacturing industry needs this support since it's the second most attacked sector by hackers after healthcare. Manufacturers of automotive, textile, and electronic products are particularly in need of NIST compliance. They are frequently attacked because manufacturers are a source of valuable trade secrets that cybercriminals can sell on the dark web. Another reason for attacking manufacturers is simply to damage their operations with malware.

NIST has created a Cybersecurity Manufacturing Profile to guide manufacturers toward reducing cybersecurity risks. This profile includes:

  • a method to identify areas for improving cybersecurity
  • evaluation of control and risk levels
  • standardization for preparing prioritized cybersecurity plans

This guide for standards and priorities is associated with the Framework Core, a set of cybersecurity solutions that are vital for various infrastructure organizations. The five functions of the Framework core are to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

How Our IT Support Company Helps Manufacturers

DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. is ranked as a top 5 Manufacturing MSP (Managed Service Provider). We work closely with intelligence equipment manufacturers and help improve data utilization and many more. We have the experience and expertise to guide manufacturers through the process of meeting NIST standards.

One of the ways that manufacturers can improve operations is to adopt a up-to-date infrastructure that includes plenty of IoT sensors. These sensors monitor processes and are able to detect vulnerabilities and waste. The data is compiled by analysts in real-time, allowing them to make adjustments and fix problems faster than traditional methods. An IoT-based infrastructure has been proven by utility companies to meet sustainability goals and replace redundant tasks with automation.

Machine learning is a growing area of interest for manufacturers, as it provides the ability for AI software to make decisions based on programming and vast amounts of stored data.

We can protect digital assets by implementing and enforcing strong policies as to who is allowed to access specific data and what they can do with it.

We can further set up infrastructure monitoring systems to detect threats before they cause damage. Additionally, we can train your staff on how to take proactive steps to avoid cyberattacks, which often begin with email.

It's important to choose a seasoned MSP that keeps up with new technology and is part of a network of cybersecurity developers. Part of business survival in the 2020s will rely on the competence and skills of highly trained IT professionals.


Manufacturers should seek the best IT support in Los Angeles. It's the best way to guard against the heavy cyberattacks aimed at the manufacturing industry. Get in touch with DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about becoming NIST-compliant and protecting your business network.