Why IT Support in Los Angeles Is Becoming More Critical

Why IT Support in Los Angeles Is Becoming More Critical

By now, it should be clear that having IT support in Los Angeles is the best way to protect against cybercrime. It's simply not practical for your company to have its own in-house IT force that keeps up with the latest worms, viruses, and malware. Here are reasons why it's easier to find a credible IT provider to handle data protection for you:

Attacks on Popular Sites

Key targets in massive hacking schemes are successful popular online companies. CafePress, a cloud service that allows users to create and sell their own T-shirts and other merchandise, was breached in February 2019 (although not reported until August) with an attack that affected 23 million customers. This major breach compromised personal data, exposing identities attached to email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and passwords.

As a response to the breach, CafePress directed users to reset their passwords. During the same week, another online company called StockX also told customers to reset their passwords. Both incidents have raised questions as to how popular firms can protect their accounts from such attacks. Questions also persist as to how a company should disclose breaches to the public.

Stepping Up Data Protection

Since popular business sites are often targeted by hackers, it only makes sense that all businesses improve their cybersecurity. Part of the embarrassment of the CafePress breach was that the company was criticized for not being as forthcoming to customers as it should have been.

Working with an IT support provider in Los Angeles will reduce the chances of such a fiasco happening. A seasoned IT team makes cybersecurity a top priority and uses 24/7 monitoring technology to stop hacking in its early stages. Taking a tough stance against cybercrime means creating multi-layered security that goes far beyond passwords.

An important basis for data protection is for IT specialists to develop a disaster backup and recovery plan so that your company is prepared for any disruption. Even if the problem is a power outage, you need to always have fresh copies of your data. You also need a team that tests the data to make sure it can be easily restored in an emergency. You further need technology that blocks out unwanted visitors in the first place.


An experienced IT team uses its skills and technology to stop intruders before they become a problem that affects privacy. For this reason, choosing the right IT support provider in Los Angeles is monumental to protecting your digital assets. Contact us now at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can prevent breaches so that you can spend more time focused on your business.