Business Benefits of IAM Provided by an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles

Business Benefits of IAM Provided by an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles

What Is IAM?

IT support experts in Los Angeles commonly advise businesses, especially those who have notable mobile infrastructure, to consider Identity Access Management, or IAM. IAM refers to a system of security protocols assuring only the right people have access to your sensitive data.

Benefits of IAM

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is one of the most key ways IAM is applied, though there are other options an MSP may advise. Whichever options you choose, IT outsourcing can help your Los Angeles business directly benefit from IAM. A few things you can expect include:

  • Centralized Control of Access
  • Reduced Data Breaches
  • Diminished IT Costs, Better Compliance, Better User Experience

Centralized Control of Access

Through the right IT support provider in Los Angeles, you can install IAM that directly fits business needs. Sometimes, different access protocols will be more or less recommendable. Particularly, IAM makes centralized access control available. This saves a lot of time and complication in access management.

Reduced Data Breaches

IT support providers can identify key areas where your business is likely to experience a data breach. These areas can be more effectively safeguarded through IAM protocols related to those who could pose a risk.

Diminished IT Costs, Better Compliance, Better User Experience

IAM doesn't merely cut costs through data breach reduction. Automation and standardization help you lose less time and allow for core focus on operations. High IT costs involved in other security management regions are deferred. Also, IT providers must provide effective compliance.

If you're in healthcare, HIPAA regulations foster shared liability, meaning IT support providers are fined if their clients are found out of compliance. Lastly, consolidation and SSO (Single Sign-On) capability makes use of your network easier for both clients and personnel, fostering improved user experience.

Incorporating IAM Protocols

At DGC Technical Solutions, we provide effective IAM solutions, among other IT support services, for businesses in Los Angeles. Such options cut IT costs, facilitate better compliance, enhance user experience, centralize access control, and reduce data breaches. Contact us for more information on IAM and how best to incorporate such technology into your operation.