IT Support in Los Angeles: Understanding Identity and Access Management

IT Support in Los Angeles: Understanding Identity and Access Management

Technology storage options of all types--- whether mobile, cloud, or on-site--- need to be protected against cyber-attacks ranging from phishing attacks to identity theft and beyond. After all, the last thing your business needs is its confidential data improperly accessed, stolen, sold, etc. As detailed below by our IT support team in Los Angeles, identity and access management is quite the helpful data security solution.

Identity Access Management

Identity access management or IAM for short is a system that stores, protects and manages user identities as well as user access. IAM guarantees the user is truly who he or she claims to be prior to granting access to resources and applications. However, such access is only granted if the user has the proper permission. IAM solutions used by our IT support team in Los Angeles range from multi-factor authentication to single sign-on, access management and beyond. Each solution can be used on-site or through the cloud.

Why IAM is So Important

Technological advances such as the cloud empower businesses to be more efficient and flexible. The only potential drawback to using the cloud to work from any location is the fact that workers no longer have the protective shield of on-premise digital security at the office. This is precisely why there is a growing need for a new digital security solution that zeroes in on identity as opposed to network or physical security. This is the magic of IAM. Make use of IAM with the help of our IT services in Los Angeles and you will be fully confident your workers, clients, and partners are who they claim to be and strictly access tech resources they actually have clearance for.

Read on: Business Benefits of IAM Provided by an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles

IAM Reduces the Chances of Data Breaches

IAM allows for employees to prove who they are with authorization based on evidence such as the answering of a question related to their unique identity/life. This way, there is no need for employees to memorize several passwords. Furthermore, IAM is designed with encryption tools designed to safeguard sensitive information, significantly reducing the chances of user credentials being stolen.

IAM Enhances the User Experience

Clients communicate with service providers across several channels. IAM makes the user experience that much better with the use of self-service capabilities as well as unified customer profiles that greatly enhance communication. IAM also helps employees tap into data in a secure manner. In other words, productivity is no longer limited to the desk in the office.

DCG Technical Solutions is on Your Side

Identity and access management is only one component of digital security. At DCG Technical Solutions, our IT support team in Los Angeles is here to help with the entirety of your IT challenges ranging from cybersecurity to hardware/software implementation and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company.