Reasons to Conduct a Network Penetration Test with the Help of IT Support Providers in Pasadena

Reasons to Conduct a Network Penetration Test with the Help of IT Support Providers in Pasadena

Every business with some form of network or computing system must navigate through the associated risks. Internal and external threats can put both your network and sensitive business data in jeopardy. Hackers actively look to exploit lackluster security systems in companies. IT support providers in Pasadena can help you stay ahead of these issues with network penetration testing.

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What is Network Penetration Testing?

Businesses today are highly encouraged to be proactive about network security. Putting in place security policies and firewalls are some of the ways to do this. The next level involves vulnerability assessment. This is where you look at your entire business network and evaluate the most vulnerable areas to a cyberattack or a data breach.

Network penetration testing goes beyond sifting for vulnerabilities. During this test, IT support experts in Pasadena conduct an actual cyberattack and effectively break into your systems. Doing this is the most effective way of finding out where your security is weak.

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The network penetration test runs according to a recognized global standard known as Penetration Testing Executive Standard (PTES). PTES outlines the four areas covered in the test, and these are— intelligence gathering, threat monitoring, vulnerability analysis, exploitation, and reporting. The reporting stage is crucial for the next step, and we discuss this as we explore the benefits of network penetration testing.

Benefits of Network Penetration Testing

You might be worried about spending money on network security issues that you haven’t experienced yet. Being proactive about cybersecurity always costs some time, money, and effort upfront, but doing so has many certain benefits:

  • Proactive security measures reduce your risk of being attacked.
  • Being proactive gives you peace of mind.
  • Network penetration testing is more thorough than vulnerability testing because the IT security experts actually carry out a cyber-attack.
  • You find out where you are most at risk. The report presented gives complete evidence of the work done and ranks the risks, making it easily actionable.
  • You can use the report to direct your cybersecurity focus areas and budget.
  • Network penetration testing is cheaper in the long run than the costs of dealing with a cyber-attack and potential data breach. The cost of the test is related to the size of your network, and the larger the network, the greater the risks.

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Make your cybersecurity a priority, and focus on the areas that need the most work. To learn more about network penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, you can get in touch with DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. We offer a wide array of IT support solutions for businesses in Pasadena.