Types of Ransomware and The Need for Having IT Support in Los Angeles

Types of Ransomware and The Need for Having IT Support in Los Angeles

A Brief Definition of Ransomware

Having IT support is essential to protect your Los Angeles business from ransomware. Ransomware is essentially cybercriminal encryption that sneaks on a network or individual device and locks out users from their data unless they pay a "ransom"--usually in bitcoin.

Common Ransomware Types

Sometimes ransomware derives from user error, sometimes it's weaponized by hostile countries like North Korea and enters through a backdoor. Regardless, it's always a hassle, and a good way to help safeguard yourself involves understanding common ransomware types. Several to watch out for include:

  • "Stop", AKA DJVU
  • Phobos
  • Dharma

"Stop", AKA DJVU

IT support experts in Los Angeles have to deal with the "Stop" ransomware virus all the time. More than half of all ransomware incidents come from this scourge.

It's usually aimed at single computers. Thankfully, it doesn't spread through networks. It'll demand just under $500 in bitcoin, then tell users the cost doubles in three days.


Another type of ransomware virus is called "Phobos", which represents a little under 9% of all cases. It'll sneak in through unsecured (or poorly protected) RDP ports.

It goes after the whole network. Ransom prices are consciously set by the hackers pertaining to the size of the business they infect. Phobos usually goes after bigger operations and public organizations.


A ransomware virus that represents 12% of all cases. Dharma is gaining in strength, and it usually comes through a phishing email.

It then attacks the network. Like Phobos, Dharma sometimes comes via RDP credentials that are either weak or have been leaked. From there, Dharma encrypts as many network devices as it can.

Keeping Your Company Safe fom Ransomware

Working with IT support experts in Los Angeles can help you avoid Dharma, Phobos, and Stop ransomware, as well as the other 23% of common ransomware viruses out there causing trouble. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions for more information pertaining to ransomware and how our managed IT services can best safeguard your Los Angeles business against this pernicious, impacting digital threat.