Cyber Security Best Practices and IT Support in Los Angeles

Cyber Security Best Practices and IT Support in Los Angeles

Cyber criminals are now targeting organizations of all different types and sizes. However, the vast majority of businesses have not yet implemented sufficient cyber security practices. It is only a matter of time until your organization endures a costly attack if you fail to prepare accordingly. Our IT support team in Los Angeles can help you prevent this nightmare scenario. Let’s take a look at cyber security best practices every organization should implement.

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Create an Incident Response Plan

Incident response plans are documents or even a single document made to provide critically important guidance when an emergency occurs. These documents are particularly important when there is a cybersecurity breach or another event that compromises business continuity. Once the incident response plan is created, it should be tested on an annual basis to ensure it is truly effective.

Consider Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is an effective means of reducing financial risk in the event of a cyber security breach. First-party cyber insurance coverage is available for items that directly affect your organization. Third-party cyber insurance covers expenses resulting from client breaches. Take a close look at the policy’s small print before committing so you fully understand the support provided in terms of legal counsel, restoration services, public relations, etc. Some such policies even go to the extent of paying fees to eliminate ransomware from computers. Our IT support team in Los Angeles can help you sort through all the details of these policies and select the one best for your unique organization.

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Test Your Company’s Business Continuity Plan

If a disruption occurs at your business, you will need a highly effective business continuity plan. This plan facilitates access to company processes, apps and data essential to keeping your operations running. However, if your business continuity plan is merely a document you dust off when an emergency arises, it probably won’t prove effective. Take a look at this plan at least once per year to determine if it really will help your company survive a disaster. Do not be intimidated by testing as it typically requires a table-top simulation/walk-through that can be completed without a considerable time investment.

Establish a Vendor Management Program

Now that we are living in the digital age, there is an increased dependency on business partners as well as vendors. This is the time to create a vendor management program. Be sure to test the plan once each year with a table-top simulation to ensure it actually works. Our IT service experts in Los Angeles can to help you complete this test so you can square your focus on what you do best.

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If your firm has not yet implemented the cyber security practices detailed above, our IT support team in Los Angeles at DCG Technical Solutions can help you! Contact us today if you have any questions/concerns or would like to schedule a consultation.