IT Consulting in Los Angeles: How MDM Can Secure Your Mobile Data

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: How MDM Can Secure Your Mobile Data

The increase in the use of private mobile devices at the workplace calls for businesses to partner with IT consulting experts in Los Angeles for data security. By 2021, the BYOD market is projected to hit a value of $73 billion. Consequently, an increase in data breaches through mobile devices at the workplace is expected to increase.

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Mobile device management solutions protect data as professionals continue to bring personal devices to the workplace. Here are ways MDM tightens data security:

Tracking Lost Devices

Sensitive company data could land in the wrong hands if you lose a mobile device. Mobile device management solutions have features that can help track a lost or stolen mobile device. By retrieving the device in good time, you can prevent data from landing in the wrong hands and being used for malicious activities.

Centralize Control

Poor access control is responsible for most data breaches at the workplace. Mobile device management solutions used by Los Angeles managed IT services providers have centralized control features. The IT team can control installations, configurations, and set policies as to who can change passwords. Also, you can restrict employees from using applications with sensitive data on their mobile devices.

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Centralized control features help increase security by restricting access to applications that can present a security threat.

Separation of Business and Private Data, and Remote Management of Data

MDM’s allow the separation of business and private data, through the creation of a separate work profile and native business containers. If IT consulting experts in Los Angeles detect a threat remotely, they can execute security protocols such as the deletion of data, if the device is stolen. That is, without interfering with private data.


Geo-fencing features of mobile device management solutions wipe corporate data from the employees’ devices when they leave business premises or specific locations. The feature enhances security by restricting access to corporate resources, depending on the location of the device.

Through geo-fencing, data breaches due to device loss or theft or man-in-the-middle attacks while using public wireless networks are prevented.

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Cybersecurity is a growing concern in the workplace. IT experts are helping businesses to be proactive in protecting their data using MDMs. Tracking lost and stolen devices for retrieval is one of the ways the solutions tighten security. Through centralized control, IT managers can restrict, limit, and allow access to company resources on mobile devices, thus boosting security. At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we offer mobile device management solutions that meet your business data security needs. Contact our IT consulting experts in Los Angeles to find out how we can partner to enhance data security.