IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Whoever Heard of 2,645 Breaches Per Minute?

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Whoever Heard of 2,645 Breaches Per Minute?

What in the world is wrong with the current digital business environment? Cybercriminals are on the loose, and businesses are faced with complex challenges in maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture. Problems start when you fail to handle sensitive business information and customer records properly. The right IT consulting partner in Los Angeles can help to safeguard your business.

Regulations Are Tightening

2465 data breach incidences happen every minute around the world. The top three targets are governments, retail, and technology. The staggering recurrent nature of these breaches has compelled regulators to tighten laws on data protection. Failure to achieve compliance could be decapitating to businesses, leading to loss of licenses and fines and penalties.

Critical cybersecurity regulations in 2020 will include:

  • The Cyber Security Maturation Model
  • NIST privacy framework
  • Cybersecurity Vulnerability Remediation Act
  • SBA Cyber Awareness Act an
  • Advancing Cybersecurity Diagnostics and Mitigation Act

It will also be interesting to keep watch on:

  • The 2020 elections and the associated foreign and internal cyber threats
  • The increasing cyber-physical threats and the hacking of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities (these are data-intensive business tools)
  • Security risks on the cloud
  • GDPR and fines—Google has already parted with 50 million Euros for failing to protect user data

The above are some of the trends and dilemmas that businesses will be facing in the year. Amid those challenges, it has to be remembered that threat actors are continually increasing their sophistication. IBM reports that a single data breach now takes an average of 206 days for a business to identify. Between day one and day 205, there is no telling what losses the breach would have on your business.

Take Action!

Here are steps advised by IT consulting experts in Los Angeles to prevent data breach:

  1. Encrypt your data - Whether it's your business information or sensitive customer data, ensure that there are proper encryption mechanisms in place. Pseudonymization is one of the effective encryption techniques that replaces identifiable information with unknown symbols and characters, making it hard for hackers to crack.
  2. Do not share sensitive information on unsecured networks - Implement a secure password management and file sharing system so that you don't have to store or share password information and confidential emails on the internet.
  3. Create backups - Data is everything, and if all your business data is compromised or stolen or locked away from your access, your business may ground to a halt. Creating data backup prepares you for that fateful day. Cloud backups are less expensive to manage.
  4. Take measures to improve physical security - That flash drive that passes through the gate unchecked could be carrying what would crash your business. The printed materials containing sensitive information could similarly jeopardize your business when they leave the office.

Attaining the right data security posture is a continuous process and a team effort. At DCG Technical Solutions, our Los Angeles IT support team has the expertise and resources to steer these efforts to safeguard your data and save you from losses. Contact us for IT consulting services in Los Angeles.