The High Cost of Spam: The Importance of Email Security and IT Consulting Los Angeles

The High Cost of Spam: The Importance of Email Security and IT Consulting Los Angeles

Spam is seemingly one of the easiest-to-avert cybersecurity threats. Even so, the statistics on incidence prevalence and costs are worrying. They reveal that spam remains a thorn in the flesh for many companies. In most cases, spam is just a precursor and pathway for severe security breaches and losses. Safeguard your business by getting reliable IT consulting solutions in Los Angeles.

Senders earn $7000 every day from clicks

Spam is a ‘lucrative’ business for senders based on this data from Groupmail. The motivation for spammers in money as is the case with other cybersecurity threat actors. Layered approaches to email protection must be implemented by businesses that wish to stay safe from unwanted emails.

The average cost of spam to businesses is $257 billion annually

That is a sharp climb from the cost of spam in 2012, which stood at an average of $20.5 billion, according to data by the Radicati Research Group Inc. From the looks of it, phishing scam incidences are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Los Angeles IT support specialists address this through advanced anti-spam solutions.

The cost of spam includes loss of productivity, loss of time and reputational damages

Those fake emails could have a virus attached to them, which then upon opening infects your entire system. Sometimes the sender uses the messages to get access to information and company employee identities. All it means is that spamming is more often subtle and successful attack vector that could lead to millions of losses in data breaches.

Such a breach would be associated with massive downtimes that reduce productivity and lead to loss of business. You can also expect the loss of customer trust. It could take your company many years to fully restore its reputation and time lost through the crisis.

A Comprehensive Email Security Strategy Can Save Your Business from These Losses

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles advise specific actions to take for email security. The first strategy in the multilayered approach should be spam monitoring and measurement. An analysis of the number of spam emails received by your company every day can help to categorize the scale of the threat.

Next follows the implementation of scanning and spam detection and alerting capabilities. Your solution must be continuously updated with spam intelligence data to be able to handle sophisticated spam content.

The use of firewalls and other perimeter protection is imperative. This readies you for the worst-case scenario; you will have a protection mechanism in place for when someone clicks on spam messages.

There's a lot that goes into email security, including the implementation of anti-spam solutions and employee training. At DCG Technical Solutions Inc., our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help strengthen your entire email security structure. Contact us to learn more.