How to Get the Best Business Telephone System out of Your IT Support in Los Angeles

How to Get the Best Business Telephone System out of Your IT Support in Los Angeles

Effective communication is a vital part of a reliable IT support plan for your business in Los Angeles. Secure phone systems will ensure you stay in touch with clients, employees, suppliers, and other industry players. Some considerations to evaluate your organization’s telephone system include:

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Type of Phone Systems

The most common telephone systems for businesses are:

  • Landline systems - Firms have used analog landlines for decades, although they have become outdated in modern times. Landlines utilize copper wiring from regional telephone companies, and users plug the phones into outlets. While landlines are a tried-and-tested option, they lack the versatility of internet-based solutions.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - This technology transmits voice signals as data packets through the internet, and its effectiveness will, therefore, depend on the strength of your internet connection.

The technology offers many business-friendly features, and it is cheaper and more reliable than landlines. If you decide to host the VoIP system on your business premises, you will have to invest in expensive software and hardware, pay a monthly fee, and maintain the system yourself.

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  • Cloud VoIP - This technology also uses VoIP systems, but all services and features are provided via the cloud. The service provider handles all services, and it is cheaper since you don't have to purchase any costly hardware.
  • Virtual Phone Systems - This is more of a call forwarding service, where all calls go to the number you specify. It can be an ideal solution if you have a lot of employees who work in multiple locations.


Your phone system should be able to keep up with your firm’s growth. Evaluate the costs of adding new users or hardware to your current plan, and ensure it is financially feasible. If you are already running on an overburdened phone capacity, it would be better to upgrade to a more efficient system when you scale up the operations of your organization.

The phone system should also accommodate future infrastructural upgrades. Can it, for example, integrate with storage platforms and CRM software?

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You need a system that has sophisticated call handling features like conference calling, call transfer, and call display. Automated attendants will route calls to the right employees even during off-hours.

The right IT support provider in Los Angeles will provide smartphone capabilities so that your employees can remain productive at all times. Features like integrated messages, notifications to emails, and video conferencing enhance seamless communication in a firm.


On-premises VoIP systems have a one-time cost ranging from $500 to $1250 per individual and installation fees running into thousands of dollars. You may also need to purchase desktop and conference phones if the provider does not provide them. Cloud VoIP systems charge monthly fees of between $15 to $50 per individual, depending on the kind of features that you want.


The effectiveness of communication in your business depends on getting a reliable and scalable phone system out of your IT support in Los Angeles. Get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions for an optimized communication solution.