IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Covid-19 Necessitates a Business Continuity Plan

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Covid-19 Necessitates a Business Continuity Plan

You need a business continuity plan to minimize the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on your operations. Priorities have shifted drastically in almost every company across the globe. Businesses have to deal with broken supply chains and the pressing matter of employee health and welfare. Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help to keep operations running even when employees can't show up to the office.

COVID-19 Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program for Businesses

Identify key vulnerabilities - Businesses in regions of active infections should take a deeper look at their operations and identify the areas that will take a big hit. Is it downtime from employee absenteeism? Is it revenue disruptions from broken supply chains? Planning around these areas in advance is critical to find workarounds before the worst comes to worst.

Re-think your supply chains - In such uncertain times, it's always feasible to expect the unexpected. If you are projecting the impact to the last three months, plan for double that period. The plan to shore up your supply chain should begin by mapping all your suppliers and the players in between. Identify alternative suppliers and start developing relationships even if you still have old inventory.

Bolster your remote working capabilities - Currently, your IT infrastructure can probably support a few remote workers. But as the infection rates grow and total lockdowns are enforced, you would want to have an infrastructure that supports remote working for all your employees. Los Angeles managed IT services providers can help to achieve that.

For starters, employees need laptops or tablets and the right broadband capabilities. They similarly need licensed VPNs to access your network securely. And is your firewall architecture up to the task? Hackers will be trying to take advantage of the crisis to gain unauthorized access to your information. Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you with the implementation of remote working security controls.

Create resilient communication plans that can persist through the crisis - It's hard for a business to continue running if there is no communication. Even when employees have to work from home, there needs to be clear communication channels. Without feedback exchange and round tables, it might be hard for employees to stay on top of their goals. Your remote working communication plan can leverage platforms for video call, chat and email among others.

Employee awareness - There needs to be clear communication to employees about how their jobs will be affected and the steps the organization is taking to minimize the impact. There should be proper guidance on employee wellbeing as well to reduce panic and further disruptions to your operations.

What needs to be communicated to employees include:

  • Health care plan coverage and payroll continuation
  • Employee Assistance Programs for the affected and infected
  • Procedures and expectations for remote working

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