IT Support in Los Angeles: The Scary Truth About Disaster Recovery

IT Support in Los Angeles: The Scary Truth About Disaster Recovery

Many businesses take a reactive approach when it comes to their IT policies. This can seem sufficient and cost-effective--- that is, until a business disaster strikes. There are many kinds of events that can be classified as business disasters, and the impact of these on a business can be very high. The statistics on business disaster recovery are nothing short of alarming, as you are going to see. Experts in IT support in Los Angeles urge business managers everywhere to devote some of their time and budgets to disaster recovery planning to avoid the negative consequences.

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Scary Stats on Business Disasters

A business disaster can be natural or manmade, malicious, or unintended. Fires, natural disasters, and hardware failures can impact business operations. Most businesses today rely on their business systems and IT networks to deliver goods and services to their customers and for all the internal business functions. Business disasters can also happen through malware, hacking, and other malicious activity from hackers. Once your business is hit, your operations could be totally frozen. Sometimes, business disasters can be the result of negligence or ignorance on the part of the users. Whatever the cause, a quick look at some of the statistics on business recovery should get you thinking about what you can do to protect your business.

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Many businesses operate without any form of disaster recovery planning. Alarmingly, over 90% of unprepared companies get out of business within a year of a data disaster. On the flip side, of the companies with some form of disaster recovery plan and data backup, over 90% have been found to recover from ransomware attacks.

IT support firms in Los Angeles can help you reduce the costs of a business disaster because recovery isn’t cheap. Significant business data and system disasters can lead to downtime, legal fees, lost business, and other recovery costs. Surveys have found that companies can lose as much as $100,000 from a ransomware attack on recovery costs and unplanned downtime. To add to this, more than half of the businesses questioned in one survey did not have the budget to recover from a cyberattack.

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Data breaches and cyberattacks are rampant. Over half of businesses interviewed at a cybersecurity convention had been the victims of a cyberattack. Over 50% of breaches and data losses are believed to be caused by human error.

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