IT Support in Pasadena: Data Backup or Replication?

IT Support in Pasadena: Data Backup or Replication?

What Defines Data Backup and Replication?

IT support providers in Pasadena can help you determine the sort of data security which best defines your business. Data backup is where information is stored on a server somewhere in the event of emergency--these backups must be regularly updated for best security. Data replication is when information is "mirrored" or "copied" to a secondary location that isn't located on-site. Such replication is usually done more regularly than backup. So which is best for you?

Factors to Consider

IT consulting experts in Pasadena advise different solutions for different data security needs. Determining which is best will ultimately depend on a few factors we'll briefly explore here. Those factors include:

Recovery Security Needs In Terms Of BDR

IT support providers in Pasadena often provide backup and disaster recovery (BDR) for customers. BDR is a system of protocols and procedures to preserve data and get systems back online more swiftly in the wake of a disaster. Replication may not be necessary if you're already backing up regularly.

Availability of Applications

If you're backed up but don't have replication, then getting things back online will take longer. With replication, you can keep systems operational for customers or affiliates. With cloud computing, database mirroring makes it so that you can revert to the replicated information when something impacts your system.

Data Restoration and Operational Continuity

IT consulting professionals can help you determine the best way to restore data and maintain operational continuity. Sometimes you'll want to go with a hybrid of replication and backup, sometimes this is overkill. What sort of continuity you need will depend on your specific business.

Choosing the Best Option--Sometimes You Might Go with Both

At DCG Technical Solutions, our IT support team in Pasadena can help you keep application availability high, restore data swiftly, facilitate continuity, and institute effective BDR protocols. Sometimes both replication and backup are best for your business. To learn what fits your operation best, feel free to contact us.